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Revenge on Megan

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:50 pm
“Where’s my new belt gone?”
“Where are my shoes?”
“Has anyone seen my hairbrush?”
It was a common refrain in the house when the girls were getting ready for their day- things going missing. In the morning it was clothes and make-up, in the afternoon it would be food and cooking utensils. And the culprit was always the same.
“I found your belt.” Zoe said, standing in Ffion’s doorway, holding her phone.
“Where?” Ffion stood up from where she had been rummaging under her bed, and tugged her jeans up onto her waist. She looked at Zoe’s phone, confused, until she saw who had just posted a selfie of herself, including Ffion’s belt. “Megan!” she sighed, “I should have known!”
“Do you think she’s got my hairbrush as well?” Lucy asked, clutching her towel around her as she walked out of the shower room.
“Probably, but who takes selfies with it? And I bet if the photo were a bit bigger I’d see my shoes on her feet as well.”
“This is getting ridiculous!” Lucy stamped her foot, but regretted it as her towel began to slide quickly southwards. She grabbed it with both hands and held it closed over her wet body. “We should be able to leave things in the communal areas without her taking them!”
“I think she just doesn’t appreciate that they’re ours.” Ffion replied. She leaned against her doorframe, not realising her jeans were slipping down again and exposing an inch of light blue lace underneath. “Is she an only child?”
“Or she grew up with a big family and everyone just shared.” Zoe added. “But we’ve tried talking to her already.”
“So what do we do? Ask to have her moved?”
“No, it wouldn’t be fair to inflict her on someone else. And besides, I think all the other student places are full.”
“So we’re stuck with her, and we’ll never have all our belongings.” Lucy moaned.
“Actually, I think I have an idea.” Zoe replied, smiling. “Maybe we can teach her a lesson.”

One week later, Megan woke up with a smile on her face. She left her room and dashed into the shower before her housemates were up, as she usually did. She found a bath towel hanging on the rail, just dried, and grabbed it to take with her.
A quick shower later, Megan stepped onto the tiled floor. She picked up the towel, and as she did she noticed a note stuck to the rail she had taken it from. Looking closer, she read to herself- “This is Zoe’s towel, please do not use. Seriously.”
“I’ll put it back when I’m done.” Megan said to herself, wrapping the towel around her wet body.
She gasped as she felt the material of the towel tear open, leaving a large hole right over her round backside. Still, with everyone else asleep, she knew she could make it back to her bedroom without anyone else seeing. She opened the bathroom door.
“Hey, Megan!”
The bathroom was right next to the front door, which Megan realised with a shock was open. She turned to see Lucy there, along with half a dozen other students, all dressing in jogging gear. She was fairly certain she had just mooned all of them.
“Oh, I joined the jogging society.” Lucy said, stepping inside and finally closing the door. “What happened to that towel? You know there’s a hole?”
“Oh... yes. I did notice...” Megan trailed off, and dashed to her bedroom, pink buttocks jiggling through the hole.

Back in her bedroom, Megan turned to her mirror, she picked up a hairbrush that still had faded writing on the handle saying “Lucy”. But really, in a house full of girls, no one could expect a hairbrush to not become a communal item very quickly. Megan took off her ruined towel and ruffled her dark brown hair with it, then ran the hairbrush through.
Megan looked at the handle of the brush in her hand, then in the mirror at the bristles, still lodged in her hair. She sighed, feeling that she really did not have time for this, then made the best she could of her hair by holding the bristles end in her hand. Once she had managed to get her hair into a ponytail, she looked at the clothes piled on her chair.
After donning her underwear, she picked up a pair of black skinny jeans and stepped into them. They were fresh out of the wash, and she loved the smell of the new washing powder that one of the others had left by the washing machine, she was so glad the girls felt they could share things like that. Her thoughts were interrupted as the jeans came to a stop halfway up her thighs. She remembered them being skinny, but this was a bit much. Lying on her bed, Megan pulled them the rest of the way up, then breathed in hard to fasten the button. Carefully sitting up, she went back to her chair.
She pulled on a light blue blouse, which when she came to fastening the buttons she also found was a bit of a struggle. Strangely, it had been in the same wash as the jeans, maybe she had done it too hot? The buttons gaped over her breasts, but fortunately she had borrowed a cute cream-coloured jumper from Zoe. Well, she would make the borrowing official when she saw her to ask her, but it was what she needed at the moment.
Before she left the room, Mega grabbed a cookie off a plate. They were great cookies, Ffion’s mum had sent them, and Megan couldn’t help herself going back to the box in the cupboard every now and then to help herself.
As Megan left the house, the other girls watched her go from an upstairs window. It had been Ffion’s idea to add weight-gaining powder to the cookies, but it had taken Zoe’s knowledge of chemistry to know what to add to the washing powder.

Megan got to the bus stop and waited with the rest of the queue. As she did, she looked down at herself and noticed some loose threads on the bottom of the jumper. She wondered if that was why Zoe had left it out, to fix it later, it looked tatty as it was. Megan took hold of the loose threads and pulled hard, snapping them. But as the threads dropped to the floor, she noticed that others had loosened and were hanging down, worse than before. Megan snapped these off as well, but saw that as soon as she had, more came loose. Shocked at what was happening, she thought about going back to the house, but at that moment the bus pulled up and she jumped on, not wanting to make herself late.

Twenty minutes later, Megan stepped off the bus on campus. The jumper was still unravelling, and had reached the point where it would cross from kind of cute but too short, into just ridiculous. She had tried tying knots in the threads but that had not worked as the knots fell out, and she had tried tucking the loose threads into the waistband of her jeans, but the jeans were so tight on her that she had not been able to push them in.
Megan checked her ponytail as she walked, trying to look natural and calm. Although if she had realised that lifting her arms that much caused the underside of her jumper sleeves to open up, she might not have done. She reached the science building and got in the lift.
A minute later, the door dinged and slid open on the fifth floor and she stepped out, straight into a crowd of people trying to get on the lift. Megan found herself jostled about and almost pushed back into the lift by the amount of people, but managed to stay outside just as the doors closed.
With the sounds of multiple woollen stitches snapping, Megan felt herself pulled backwards and then released. She turned to see what had happened, and saw a length of cream wool pulled up inside the lift, as the front half of her jumper dropped around her feet.
She blushed, realising that with the jumper destroyed, it was obvious how badly her blouse fitted her. Hoping to make this a quick trip, she held her handbag over her front and made her way down the corridor, where she knocked on a door.
“Come.” A voice called from the inside. Megan pushed the door open to find herself facing two men and a woman, sat around a table.
“Ah, Megan, hello.” One of the men stood, offering his hand.
“Hi.” Megan replied, shaking the hand and realising as she did that she was still wearing the sleeves of the jumper over her arms, despite the front and back of it missing. She hoped it did not look too silly.
“So, you wanted to discuss your project with us?”
“Yes, I need to get the university to fund a series of interviews with people to assess...” Megan launched into the details of her planned study, which she had rehearsed multiple times in her bedroom, as the group of professors watched her. She tried to remember to smile at each of them, but her smiles came across as nervous and she was sure she caught both of the men looking at the gaping buttons over her breasts several times. “...So, that’s it.” She finished, then looked around expectantly.
“Yes... well, we’ll let you know.” The woman said, looking down and making some notes on a pad. Megan stood for a moment longer, but that seemed to be all the feedback she was going to get.
“Okay... do you have any questions?” she asked nervously.
“No, I think you explained everything.” One of the men replied.
“So, unless you have anything else to show us...” the woman said, trailing off.
Megan realised her time was up, and turned to leave.
She froze at the sound, knowing what it was but hoping she was wrong.
“What...?” the woman’s voice came from behind her.
“I’m sorry!” Megan gasped, her hands grabbed for her backside, feeling her bare buttocks not even slightly covered by her pink thong. “I didn’t mean to! They must have... I just... oh, no!”
Without another word, Megan dashed out of the room, hands over her split trouser seat.
She hurried down the corridor, back to the lift, and pressed the button hurriedly.
“Megan?” a voice called from behind her. Bright red in the face, Megan turned to see the female professor following her. “You forgot your bag.”
“Oh, right.” Megan took the bag the woman held out to her. “I’m so sorry, I know I must have looked ridiculous in there.”
“Don’t worry about it.” The woman took off her glasses and wiped them on her top, “It happens to everyone.”
“So it won’t affect my chances?”
“It shouldn’t do.” The woman replied, replacing her glasses.
“Oh, that’s so good to hear!” Megan sighed in relief.
A button flew from her blouse, straight out in front and into the professor’s glasses, shattering one lens with a horrible cracking noise.
“Oh, god.” Megan exclaimed, as the woman took off her glasses and looked at the damage. “I’m so, so sorry!”
The lift doors opened with a ding, and Megan backed into them. “I’m so, so, so very...” the doors closed and cut her off, and Megan collapsed against the back wall. This day just keeps getting worse, she thought as she looked down at her blouse. Of course the button than popped was right over her blouse, exposing the edge of two white lacy cups and a small pink bow in the middle.
As soon as the lift stopped Megan dashed out, eager not to get anything caught this time. Unfortunately, she realised as the doors closed behind her that she had not made it all the way to the ground, and was still four floors up.
Not wanting to prolong her stay here, Megan turned to the door next to the lift, she pushed through it and dashed down the stairs, then headed outside.
“Hey, hun!” as Megan left the building she almost ran straight into Ffion. “What’s up?”
“Only the most humiliating experience of my life!” Megan exclaimed, “I split my jeans in front of the panel, and then I popped a button on my blouse!”
“One button?”
“What are you... oh, no.” Megan looked down to see that the damage to her blouse had got worse, and now only a single button remained, the rest having fallen off somewhere between the fifth floor and here.
“Anyway,” Ffion continued casually, “did you know the cafe is giving out free doughnuts right now? I’m on my way over.”
“Oh...” Megan sighed, “I’m thinking maybe I should lay off the doughnuts for a bit.” She looked down at her exposed belly, tried to pull her blouse over it but since bursting open the garment was reluctant to close again. “I think I need to head home and change.”
“Suit yourself.”
Ffion headed off in one direction as Megan went in the other. Fortunately, a bus pulled up right as she reached the stop and she got on. Unfortunately, it was standing-room only.
As she held on to a pole and waited for the bus to wind its way back to the student village, Megan heard whispered comments behind her turn to giggles, then outright laughing. Her cheeks burned red, particularly when she heard a couple of wolf-whistles.
“Nice bum!” one of the other passengers called out, before being shushed by his girlfriend. Megan tried turning sideways, but that would expose her backside to the window and everyone the bus passed, which was considerably more people than those on the bus who had already seen it.
Finally the bus stopped and half the people got up, freeing up seats. Megan saw a group of schoolchildren getting on, and she quickly dashed for the nearest seat before any of them could get there.
As she sat, Megan saw the button on her jeans go flying off, and the zip begin to force its way downwards. The children who were now right in front of her began laughing hysterically, pointing at the picture of the muppet Miss Piggy on the front of Megan’s thong.
Blushing furiously, Megan looked out the window of the bus, and realised in horror that she was going in the wrong direction. In her haste to get on a bus, she had not checked which one it was, and had assumed it would take her home. As it was, she was on her way to town, which was going to be packed with people.
She quickly pressed the bell to stop the bus and stood up. One of the children immediately took her seat, and Megan was forced to remain standing until the next stop, listening to more comments and the occasional click of a camera phone.
Finally the bus slowed, coming up to a crowded bus stop. As the doors opened, Megan found people rushing inwards, as she tried to force her way out. She could feel her jeans beginning to work their way down her legs, but there was so little space to move she could not get to them to pull them up, and she began to feel material under her feet.
Finally she made her way outside, as the bus doors closed behind her.
She was almost yanked off her feet as something violently tugged at her handbag, Megan was spun around and heard the shoulder snap break, and could only watch as her handbag, caught inside the doors, was carried away on the bus. Worse, as she looked down she saw her jeans were now completely gone, and she was standing on the street in little more than her underwear.
She had never been as relieved to see anything as she was at Zoe walking up to her. “What happened?”
“My clothes... they kind of fell apart on me.” Megan replied, struggling to cover herself with her hands.
“Nice pants.” Zoe commented, struggling not to laugh at the sight of Miss Piggy on her friend’s crotch. “Is that a thong?”
“Er... yeah. Look, can I borrow some money to get a taxi back home? My bag kind of took the bus without me.” Megan looked at her friend’s face, curling into a smile. “Please?”
Zoe paused, for slightly longer than Megan would have expected.
“Well, since you said please.”
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Re: Revenge on Megan

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:05 am
Great story. "Suit yourself" indeed, Ffion. Also I love the part near the beginning with the towel (never thought of a towel rip before), but the whole story was good. Is it too late to say "Happy Nude Rear"?
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