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Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:41 pm
[Incident 1]

Well basically for anyone who has downloaded my collection you will understand what I mean when I mention those two "Incident" folders. They were real accidental splits that my girlfriend suffered while at her two different jobs (allbeit helped along by a little seam sabotage hehehe).

My girlfiend is 5' 5'' and kinda chubby (size 16) with a fairly big bum, big pouty lips, she has green eyes and dark blonde hair but she dyes it all sorts of colours from time to time. At the time of this story she had pink hair.

She needed some new work trousers before starting her new job working at a bar so I took her to our local supermarket (Asda-walmart). I mentioned to her that she should wear some really tight work trousers because I said that they would make her bum look amazing (which they did). She picked out a few pairs to try on and actually settled on the pair that I hope she would as they were the cheapest and the tightest pair. Cut to a week or so later she had worn them a couple of times and mentioned that she really liked them but they were very tight so she was being particularly careful not to bend over in them too quickly as she was worried that she would split them. I took note of this admission and decided to take action, so without her knowledge I started to slowly work on the seam of her trousers hoping for a event in the not too disntant future. About another week or so went by with nothing happening so I kept checking out her bum whenever she was wearing them to see what was going on with the seam, which was easy as I was always checking her out so she had no idea what I was upto. I could see that the seam was beginning to open up slightly but my impatience however got the better of me so I picked my opportunity to strike. While working a shift at her job she had washed the trousers and they were hanging up drying off ready for her to wear in the next couple of days. So I went to town on the seam, I picked at the stitching on both the inside and outside of the seam. Basically to give you an idea of what I did I cut the stitching about every inch or so in this kind of pattern   __---__---__---__ With (__) being the side you could see from the outside and (---) being the internal side of the seam (I hope that makes sense to everyone). I now just had to wait for my plan to unfold.

Two days later along comes Saturday, her next shift, a busy one at that and also the day that she was due to wear those trousers again. At that time she worked at a popular chain bar in a city not far from us and I was hoping that I would get the desired result that day I just didnt know when if at all it would happen. Perhaps I had made the seam too weak and they would split when she was still in the house which would have been no good as she would have simply changed into her other ones. If they could just last until she got on the train then she'd have no way of going back home to change. The thought of them potentially splitting at any time had my mind racing with excitement and anticipation. Quite a while went by with nothing and I was beginning to lose faith in my plan, we were whatsapping eachother and I was asking her how her shift was going and she mentioned that it was incredibly busy and that she couldn't always message me back straight away which didn't bother me too much as I was watching some stuff on tv. At around sometime after 20:00 (about midway through her shift) I shot her a message:

Me: "How's it going? X". Not expectiong to get anything back for a while but after only a few seconds I get this response...


Me: "What's up?"

Her: "I just split my trousers...  Shocked Embarassed"     [BINGO!!!!] Twisted Evil

Me: "How? What happened?"

Her: "I was carrying a tray of drinks to restock one of the fridges at the bar..."

Me: "Yeah..?"

Her: "As I bent down to put the tray on the floor to load the fridge I felt my trousers split up my bum Embarassed"

Me: "Oh sh*t, is it bad? Did anyone see?"

Her: "Yeah its pretty bad and I don't know if anyone saw, someone probably did though Shocked Embarassed"

She then proceeds to send me this actual pic of the damage...

I don't think she could have chosen better knickers to wear under tight black trousers that day then bright white ones with black polka dots and cherries on them with red trim  Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy.

I proceeded to ask her in more detail about her predicament:

Me: "So... What happened exactly and what did you do?"

Her: "Well as I was bending down my trousers split up my bum."

Me: "Could you hear them split?"

Her: "No I couldn't hear them because of the music. Thank god... Rolling Eyes"

Me: "Oh really? But you felt them split though"

Her: "Yeah. It was weird, it felt that they kinda slowly opened up as I was bending down..."       [INTERESTING]  confused

Me: "So they didn't just split open fast then?"

Her: "No."

Me: "So you've just bent over and split your trousers, what did you do then? tongue"

Her: "I froze for a few seconds in shock at not knowing what to do."

Me: "Go on... Smile X"

Her: "I quickly stood up and put my back to the fridge and away from all the people."

Me: "Uh huh..."

Her: "I reached back with my hand to check and could feel that my trousers had split open and my knickers were showing Shocked Shocked Shocked"

Me: "I thought  you were trying to be careful bending over in those trousers lol tongue"

Her: "Yeah I was but we are really busy and they were rushing me to get the fridges restocked so I just forgot."

Me: "So what did you do after realising that you split your trousers?"

Her: "Basically I ran as quickly as possible past all the people and up the stairs to the staff room trying desperately to cover up the split with my hand, hoping to god that no-one saw. I'm sure a few people probably did though (CRINGE)."

Me: "So what are you doing now? Hiding your embarrassment in the toilets lol."

Her: "Something like that although I've now changed into my spair trousers."       [DAMN, I HADN'T THOUGHT THAT SHE WOULD BRING SPARE TROUSERS]

Me: "I guess that's lucky then huh? Lol"

Her: "OMG YES!!"


Her: "I have to go back now before I'm missed. I'll tell you all about it later ok."

Me: "Will you show me too? XX"

Her: "Ofcourse, I know what you like hehe Wink XOX"

Little did she know that was only the beginning of her workplace embarrassment...
To be continued...
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:09 pm
Amazing story Miyagi! Love how you attached the picture to illustrate. Can't wait to read the other story Smile
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:46 am
What happened after she got home?
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:34 am
Thanks BoxGhost I have a couple more pics to come in the next installment Wink.

In answer to your question tjpj when she got home she showed off the split for me by holding up her trousers, I said that was cheating and she had to put them on and show me exactly what happend and she did. Then we had some "fun" shortly after. A few days later she wore the same trousers and knickers combo and posed for me to let me take the pics of her because I had asked her to do that for me.
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:52 am
Wanting to know how was the second story of the work pants Smile
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:22 am
Yeah I'll post that up soon.
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:06 am
You want to read the second story Smile
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

on Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:13 pm
I for one would love to hear more.
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Re: Girlfriend's Workplace Incidents

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