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Jodie checked her reflection one last time as she arrived at work. She had only been working for the company for two weeks and was still trying to make a good impression. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail high on her head, a modest amount of make-up accentuated her large blue eyes. She was dressed in a pair of grey pinstriped trousers with smart black high-heeled shoes and a short-sleeved black jumper which just reached her waist. She wondered if the jumper was too short now she looked at it again- if she bent in any direction it began to reveal her toned midriff. But it was too late for seconds thoughts, she thought as she rode the lift upwards, and she decided that what she needed to do was project confidence.
“Morning, Jodie.” Hannah said from her secretary desk outside the lift door.
“Morning.” Jodie smiled. “Am I on time?”
“You’ve got a few minutes still.” Hannah replied, checking her PC clock. The young dark-skinned woman was wearing a bright green pencil skirt and a white sleeveless top. Her curly hair was kept away from her eyes by a wide headband.
“Great, I wanted to check up on some files before the big meeting later.”
“I put the last month’s accounts on your desk.”
Jodie walked through into the office she shared with two other workers, neither of whom were in yet. A stack of files had been left on the corner of her desk. Jodie reached for the top one as she passed, but as she picked it up several more fell to the floor. She sighed and crouched down to pick them up.
“Oh, no.” Jodie muttered. Her free hand crept towards the seat of her trousers and found it torn open, far too much of her bare skin exposed. Running her hand up and down she found the entire seam opened up, revealing her black lacy thong and most of her backside. She jumped to her feet, looking around, cheeks turning red.
“Hey, Jodie.” Claire smiled, entering the office. As she was unwrapping her scarf from her neck, Jodie had a moment to turn her back to the wall.
“H... hi.” She tried to smile back.
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah... everything’s fine...”
“You look a bit flushed.”
“Do I? Oh, I think it’s a bit too warm in here.”
“Maybe. So, are you ready...”
“Sorry, I’ll be back in a moment.” Jodie ducked out of the office. She was not sure where to go, but her first thought was to the ladies to take her trousers off and check if the rip looked repairable.
Even standing up straight, her backside was bursting out of the split, holding it wide open. Jodie realised she was still holding one of the files, and she put it over the hole as she quickly trotted down the corridor towards the toilets.
When she was a few metres away, three middle-aged women stepped in front of her, gossiping among themselves as they went into the toilets.
“Not the HR ladies!” Jodie muttered under her breath, “If they see this, they’ll tell everyone in the company by lunch!” she turned around, reversing her course.
“Ah, Miss Foreman.” Her supervisor, Mr Dalloway, was suddenly right in front of her.
“Ah, hello.” Jodie smiled, trying to force her cheeks to stop blushing.
“I was just looking for you, Hannah said she put all the files on your desk, I was wondering if you had the McKinley account?”
“I... Oh.” Jodie realised that she did, in fact, have that one. Stepping backwards towards the wall, she took the file she had been hiding her embarrassment with and held it to her boss. “Yes. I do.”
“Thank you.” Mr Dalloway took the file and headed off down the corridor.
“Now what?” Jodie wondered, edging along the wall. She wished she was the sort of person who jogged or cycled to work, at least then she might have something to change into. As it was, she would have to catch two buses to get home and change.
“Hey, what’s up?” Hannah was coming towards her, carrying a tray of mugs.
“Hannah! I split my trousers!”
“You didn’t!”
“I really, really did.”
“Oh my god.”
“I know.”
“What are you going to do?”
“I have no idea.”
“Okay, hold on, I’ll be right back.”
Hannah wiggled off down the corridor in her tight skirt. Jodie leant back against the wall, looking around.
“Come on, come on.”
She heard a door open, and turned to see the HR group leaving the toilets.
“Hey, are you coming to the meeting?” one of them asked as they passed.
“Oh, yeah, I’ll be right there.”
“I think the CEO just arrived, so they want us all in there sharpish.”
“I’m right behind you.”
Jodie edged away from the group as they carried on towards the conference room.
Suddenly she felt a sharp spike jabbing into her naked buttock.
“Ow!” Jodie jumped and half-turned to see the decorative cactus she had just backed into.
“Are you okay?”
“Fine!” Jodie spun around again, keeping her back away from the women. “Yes, just fine. I’ll be right with you.”
The HR group walked past Hannah as she came back.
“Right, let’s get you sorted. Do you have anything else to wear?”
“No. Do you?”
“Can’t help you with that. But I might have a sewing kit in my desk.”
“Please get it.”
“Okay, I’m going.” Jodie held both hands over her backside as she followed Hannah back to her desk, where the secretary bent over to look in her drawers. The outline of her panties pressed against the material of her skirt.
“I’m sure it’s in here somewhere... keep your pants on.”
“You think so? No, looks like it isn’t here.”
“It’s okay, we can try Gwen’s desk, she usually has things like that.”
The two of them headed across the floor, into another office.
“We’d better hurry, I think everyone’s gathering for the meeting.” Hannah said, looking at the empty room. She quickly tottered to one of the desks and began rooting through the drawers.
“Oh!” Hannah jumped up, feeling at the back of her skirt, where the button had just flown free. “Bother, not again!”
“Well, if you find it we can fix yours as well.”
“Okay, there’s one more thing we can try. I’ll go down and check in my car, I had some laundry in there the other day, if it’s still there I might have something you can wear.”
“That sounds great.”
Hannah led Jodie back to the lift, then got in while Jodie waited.
“Come on...” Jodie found her hands kept straying back to the frayed stitches that had parted over her ample backside. She was starting to think that maybe it was time to start running or cycling. Although the last time she had cycled her lycra shorts had blown out in front of all her friends. Maybe some other sort of fitness...
She looked down in horror as her zip teeth parted, her trousers had no button on the front so now they were wide open there as well, and starting to slip down her legs.
Jodie heard people coming down the corridor towards her. Looking around, she saw the lift was still on the bottom floor, Hannah hadn’t come back yet and she could not go that way. Desperate not to be seen with her trousers falling apart, Jodie picked a corridor and headed down it.
She kept walking, as she kept hearing people coming, and realised they were getting closer. She picked a door at random, figuring that as almost everyone had gone to the meeting, she would probably find an empty office to hide in.
Jodie looked around as she opened the door, seeing shadows moving towards her still. She backed into the room, carefully easing the door closed and hoping they would not notice she had been there.
“Miss Cavendish, isn’t it?”
Jodie froze. She suddenly had the sense there were a lot of people in the room with her. She saw a projector screen next to her, where the company CEO had been addressing every other employee, who were sat in rows behind her. And she had just backed towards them, her backside burst from her ruined trousers.
“Oh, no.” Jodie covered her head in her hands.
“I found the other handouts...” the door she had just entered swung open as two of the company higher-ups entered, walking straight into Jodie and knocking her to the floor. She sprawled across the carpet, her trousers dropping to her knees and her short jumper pulling up over her belly button.
Jodie looked down at her tiny thong which was fully exposed to the room, then up to the dozens of co-workers standing around her.
“I’m fired, aren’t I?”
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