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Piper at the Party Empty Piper at the Party

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:28 pm
When Piper looked back on it, she had thought that people were a lot happier as she walked in. She thought it was because it was getting so close to Christmas, people were just generally relaxing and joking around, she never caught what any of the jokes they were laughing at were, because she kept seeming to just walk past people when they started laughing. If she really thought about it, there seemed to be more people with their phones out than usual, and they seemed to be taking a lot of selfies as she kept hearing the camera shutter sounds, but nothing suggested to her that today was better than any other day for taking photos. If anything, she had thought it was a bit chillier today than yesterday, she had certainly noticed a cutting wind while she was out on the streets, and she had wished her jacket had been longer as it seemed to be particularly cold just below her waist.
Despite all the clues, Piper was still shocked when she got into the Christmas party and five seconds later her friend Tina was tugging her to one side.
"Piper... your trousers!" she hissed.
"You've spit your pants!"
"Oh, god." Piper felt her face begin to redden even before she checked how exposed she was.
Piper generally felt positive about her appearance- she had long ago decided that if her constantly misbehaving auburn hair, grey eyes and slightly crooked smile wouldn't make her classically beautiful, she was okay just being cute. The only thing that she could not be happy with was the size of her backside. Not disproportionately large for her body, as her breasts were also fairly full, but whatever Piper did to try and tone it she could never seem to make any difference to her rounded buttocks which she felt were far too prominent.
She had got used to dressing to draw attention away from her least favourite body part, and for this party was wearing a black jumper decorated with a large green tree which lit up, and below the waist she had only a pair of plain black trousers to not draw attention.
Unfortunately, she had on underneath them a pair of bright pink knickers decorated with candy canes and gingerbread men, that were impossible to hide against the plain outer cloth. To make things worse for her, they were cut in a cheeky style and as she began to assess the damage to her trouser seat she found that a large portion of her bare backside was also exposed.
"Oh, god." Piper repeated, backing towards the wall. She had only been a member of the company a short time, having come straight from university, and was struggling to be accepted and taken seriously. This could set her back for some time.
"Okay, come with me." Tina continued tugging Piper, taking her over to a corner away from the rest of her colleagues, milling about and socialising.
Tina had her own problems, her high heels were making it difficult to walk but being a slight girl and only just over 5'3 she found them necessary, but despite her slim figure she had been regretting her little black dress which hugged what curves she had and made hurrying her friend aside slower than she would have liked. She had a hairband with a glittery Rudolph perched on her light blonde hair, which slipped down over her eyes every few moments.
"Here, sit down." Tina said, pushing her hairband up again and pulling out a chair. Piper gratefully sank into it.
"Did you just rip them again?"
Piper reached behind her again, feeling the split now up to her trouser waistband, leaving the lacy waistband of the knickers behind already.
"Yes!" she gasped. "What am I going to do?"
"Just relax, do you have a sewing kit with you?"
"No, do you?"
"No. Spare clothes at your desk?"
"No, nothing. Not even my gym clothes, I took them home last night."
"I might have a pair of shorts, but I'm not sure they would do you much good."
"I have to leave, go home and change."
"How did you get here?"
"I walked."
"Do you really want to walk back again right now?"
"Not really."
"Hey, Piper!" the girls looked up to see Camilla standing over them. Camilla, Piper admitted, was classically beautiful, with long dark blonde hair, full lips and wide almond-shaped eyes, she could have passed for a Disney princess. Until you looked lower than her neck, to see how much cleavage she was displaying from her strappy black top, and the tightness of her bright red trousers.
"Oh, hi." Piper replied, trying to control her blushing.
"I was starting to think you weren't coming at all."
"No, I just took a while to get ready."
"Well, you look very Christmassy, but are you sure about the jumper? You look like you're quite hot."
"No, I'm fine, really."
"Well, good for you for coming, a lot of new girls don't come to the first Christmas party, to afraid of making a fool of themselves in front of everyone."
"Oh, I don't think I have to worry about that." Piper replied, trying not to let her nervousness show in her voice.
"No, of course not." Camilla smiled broader. "Well, I have to split, I'll see you in a bit."
As she walked away, Piper turned to Tina.
"Did she notice?"
"I don't think so."
"But she said she has to split, that has to be her telling me she knows?"
"Come on, it's Camilla. She'd say it directly to your face and make sure everyone else heard her do it."
"Are you sure?"
"You weren't here when I walked out of the toilet with my skirt tucked into my knickers, she let me get right down the end of the hallway before she told me, and she was standing by the toilet door when she did."
"I see."
"Ladies and gentlemen!" they were interrupted by a woman Piper vaguely remembered from her employee orientation standing on a raised stage across the room. "Thank you all for coming to celebrate this year's Christmas party with us, I won't keep you too long with the formalities."
Piper realised that everyone in the room was facing away from her at this point to look at the woman, so she started to relax. As she let herself slide into a more comfortable position, she was not sure if she felt the rear seam splitting some more, or if there was even any seam left to split.
"We've had a fantastically productive year," the woman was still talking, "and the CEO asked me to convey his personal thanks to you all. He hopes that next year he may be able to express his gratitude in the more concrete terms of a Christmas bonus, but sadly that was not possible this time around."
"Hasn't been for the last two years, either." Tina whispered to Piper.
"And I wanted to say that our success is driven by the fine young staff we recruit, who bring their energy and enthusiasm to this job. So what we're doing, is combining these two ideas. One lucky employee will get an extra paid day off next year, in recognition of everyone's hard work. And the person who gets to draw the name," the woman gestured to a glass bowl on a table next to her, full of folded pieces of paper, "is this company's newest and youngest employee, having joined us straight out of university barely a month ago. Piper Jones, where are you?"
Piper jolted upright in her chair as everyone in the room turned to look at her.
"Oh... hi." she said meekly.
"Come and join us up here." the woman called enthusiastically.
"Er... okay?" Piper looked to Tina for ideas, but her face was blank.
Getting carefully to her feet, with her backside to the wall the whole time, Piper left her seat. She took hold of her jumper in both hands and tugged it as far down as it would go, hoping it might cover some of her embarrassment.
Then, she slowly began to walk to the stage, trying to look casual and enthusiastic while also keeping track of exactly where the wall was in relation to her exposed backside.
When she reached the stage, Piper had managed to keep her back to the wall the whole time, and she even smiled to the watching crowd as she side-stepped up to join the woman. Still sideways, she edged around the back of the stage, trying not to count the number of people looking at her but aware it was far more than she wanted.
Her crab-walking abruptly ended as Piper bumped into the table. She heard the round bowl begin to rock, gaining momentum and about to leave the table top. Her immediate desire not to let it drop took over and Piper turned, bent half-over to grab it before it could fall, realising far too late that this had resulted in her turning her back to the entire crowd.
"Oh my god!" she heard Camilla's voice ring out, "Piper's split her pants!"
As far too many people erupted in laughter, directed at her, Piper felt her face burn hot, she was sure she must be glowing red with embarrassment. This was by far the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to her.
Tina realised that she had to help her friend, she got up from her chair and began to make her way through the crowd. But before she had gone very far, her hairband slipped over her eyes, blinding her. At the same moment she heard a terrible snap as her right shoe heel detached from the shoe, and she tumbled to the ground.
Pulling the hair band off and throwing it away, Tina jumped to her feet again.
Tina could not tell yet how badly her dress had split, but she was suddenly very aware that she had on only a lacy white thong underneath.
"Sorry, Piper, you're on your own." she muttered, backing up through the crowd and trying to remember where she had put her gym shorts.
Back on the stage, Piper had clamped both hands over her exposed underwear and as far as she was concerned she was never moving them.
"Er... go ahead and choose a name." the woman with the microphone tried to regain control of the room, "Then you can go and sit down again."
"Okay..." Piper looked down at the bowl. She removed one hand from her seat, swirled the pieces of paper around, and pulled one out. She unfolded it awkwardly with her one hand and read it. "It's... Camilla McAvoy."
"Yay!" Camilla called from below, putting away the phone with which she had been recording high-def video of the entire event. She pushed her way through the crowd until she reached the stage. Rather than use the steps to the side, she lifted one foot straight up onto the higher level.
A gasp went through the crowd, particularly those closest to Camilla, who could see her white knickers were made of a thin, semi-transparent material.
Piper, already making her way sideways back off the stage, burst out giggling as Camilla's cheeks reddened. She had frozen for a moment, but now had to decide whether to continue up onto the stage or back down again.
Eventually her need to show everyone how blase she was about her own body won out, and Camilla continued stepping up onto the stage. Unfortunately, having arrested her movement previously she did not have enough momentum for one swift movement, and she teetered on the edge, her arms swinging to prevent her falling down again.
The thin straps of her top, pulled past their tensile strength by her swinging arms, each broke in half and her top slipped down past her bare breasts.
Crossing her arms over her chest, Camilla decided that a retreat was in order, and turned round, jumping off the stage and landing awkwardly.
Her landing was too much for her tight trousers, as the fastening gave way in the front at the same moment the waistband gave up in the rear, they began sliding down but only for a moment before the seams by the pockets also began to split.
Her clothes falling apart in tatters, Camilla pushed her way back through the crowd towards the exit, leaving parts of her outfit scattered across the floor as she did and eventually reaching the car park door wearing only her immodest white knickers.
The show over, Piper thought she might finally be able to enjoy the party, particularly as looking over the crowd she saw Tina re-enter, now with a pair of green and white shorts on under her split dress. Rather than continue with her sideways walking, Piper strode straight out into the crowd, still exposed but more relaxed now she knew everyone had seen her knickers and she had been over-shadowed by Camilla's impromptu strip.
If Piper had been a little more concerned about herself, she would have realised that somewhere in all her hugging the wall, her jumper had snagged on a loose nail and begun to unravel. It had already lost a good few inches from the bottom, and was only getting smaller.
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Piper at the Party Empty Re: Piper at the Party

on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:35 pm
Finally got to read this, it's a good story, and I especially liked the beginning part, the build-up to Piper realizing what had already happened.
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