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Revenge on Megan Empty Revenge on Megan

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:50 pm
“Where’s my new belt gone?”
“Where are my shoes?”
“Has anyone seen my hairbrush?”
It was a common refrain in the house when the girls were getting ready for their day- things going missing. In the morning it was clothes and make-up, in the afternoon it would be food and cooking utensils. And the culprit was always the same.
“I found your belt.” Zoe said, standing in Ffion’s doorway, holding her phone.
“Where?” Ffion stood up from where she had been rummaging under her bed, and tugged her jeans up onto her waist. She looked at Zoe’s phone, confused, until she saw who had just posted a selfie of herself, including Ffion’s belt. “Megan!” she sighed, “I should have known!”
“Do you think she’s got my hairbrush as well?” Lucy asked, clutching her towel around her as she walked out of the shower room.
“Probably, but who takes selfies with it? And I bet if the photo were a bit bigger I’d see my shoes on her feet as well.”
“This is getting ridiculous!” Lucy stamped her foot, but regretted it as her towel began to slide quickly southwards. She grabbed it with both hands and held it closed over her wet body. “We should be able to leave things in the communal areas without her taking them!”
“I think she just doesn’t appreciate that they’re ours.” Ffion replied. She leaned against her doorframe, not realising her jeans were slipping down again and exposing an inch of light blue lace underneath. “Is she an only child?”
“Or she grew up with a big family and everyone just shared.” Zoe added. “But we’ve tried talking to her already.”
“So what do we do? Ask to have her moved?”
“No, it wouldn’t be fair to inflict her on someone else. And besides, I think all the other student places are full.”
“So we’re stuck with her, and we’ll never have all our belongings.” Lucy moaned.
“Actually, I think I have an idea.” Zoe replied, smiling. “Maybe we can teach her a lesson.”

One week later, Megan woke up with a smile on her face. She left her room and dashed into the shower before her housemates were up, as she usually did. She found a bath towel hanging on the rail, just dried, and grabbed it to take with her.
A quick shower later, Megan stepped onto the tiled floor. She picked up the towel, and as she did she noticed a note stuck to the rail she had taken it from. Looking closer, she read to herself- “This is Zoe’s towel, please do not use. Seriously.”
“I’ll put it back when I’m done.” Megan said to herself, wrapping the towel around her wet body.
She gasped as she felt the material of the towel tear open, leaving a large hole right over her round backside. Still, with everyone else asleep, she knew she could make it back to her bedroom without anyone else seeing. She opened the bathroom door.
“Hey, Megan!”
The bathroom was right next to the front door, which Megan realised with a shock was open. She turned to see Lucy there, along with half a dozen other students, all dressing in jogging gear. She was fairly certain she had just mooned all of them.
“Oh, I joined the jogging society.” Lucy said, stepping inside and finally closing the door. “What happened to that towel? You know there’s a hole?”
“Oh... yes. I did notice...” Megan trailed off, and dashed to her bedroom, pink buttocks jiggling through the hole.

Back in her bedroom, Megan turned to her mirror, she picked up a hairbrush that still had faded writing on the handle saying “Lucy”. But really, in a house full of girls, no one could expect a hairbrush to not become a communal item very quickly. Megan took off her ruined towel and ruffled her dark brown hair with it, then ran the hairbrush through.
Megan looked at the handle of the brush in her hand, then in the mirror at the bristles, still lodged in her hair. She sighed, feeling that she really did not have time for this, then made the best she could of her hair by holding the bristles end in her hand. Once she had managed to get her hair into a ponytail, she looked at the clothes piled on her chair.
After donning her underwear, she picked up a pair of black skinny jeans and stepped into them. They were fresh out of the wash, and she loved the smell of the new washing powder that one of the others had left by the washing machine, she was so glad the girls felt they could share things like that. Her thoughts were interrupted as the jeans came to a stop halfway up her thighs. She remembered them being skinny, but this was a bit much. Lying on her bed, Megan pulled them the rest of the way up, then breathed in hard to fasten the button. Carefully sitting up, she went back to her chair.
She pulled on a light blue blouse, which when she came to fastening the buttons she also found was a bit of a struggle. Strangely, it had been in the same wash as the jeans, maybe she had done it too hot? The buttons gaped over her breasts, but fortunately she had borrowed a cute cream-coloured jumper from Zoe. Well, she would make the borrowing official when she saw her to ask her, but it was what she needed at the moment.
Before she left the room, Mega grabbed a cookie off a plate. They were great cookies, Ffion’s mum had sent them, and Megan couldn’t help herself going back to the box in the cupboard every now and then to help herself.
As Megan left the house, the other girls watched her go from an upstairs window. It had been Ffion’s idea to add weight-gaining powder to the cookies, but it had taken Zoe’s knowledge of chemistry to know what to add to the washing powder.

Megan got to the bus stop and waited with the rest of the queue. As she did, she looked down at herself and noticed some loose threads on the bottom of the jumper. She wondered if that was why Zoe had left it out, to fix it later, it looked tatty as it was. Megan took hold of the loose threads and pulled hard, snapping them. But as the threads dropped to the floor, she noticed that others had loosened and were hanging down, worse than before. Megan snapped these off as well, but saw that as soon as she had, more came loose. Shocked at what was happening, she thought about going back to the house, but at that moment the bus pulled up and she jumped on, not wanting to make herself late.

Twenty minutes later, Megan stepped off the bus on campus. The jumper was still unravelling, and had reached the point where it would cross from kind of cute but too short, into just ridiculous. She had tried tying knots in the threads but that had not worked as the knots fell out, and she had tried tucking the loose threads into the waistband of her jeans, but the jeans were so tight on her that she had not been able to push them in.
Megan checked her ponytail as she walked, trying to look natural and calm. Although if she had realised that lifting her arms that much caused the underside of her jumper sleeves to open up, she might not have done. She reached the science building and got in the lift.
A minute later, the door dinged and slid open on the fifth floor and she stepped out, straight into a crowd of people trying to get on the lift. Megan found herself jostled about and almost pushed back into the lift by the amount of people, but managed to stay outside just as the doors closed.
With the sounds of multiple woollen stitches snapping, Megan felt herself pulled backwards and then released. She turned to see what had happened, and saw a length of cream wool pulled up inside the lift, as the front half of her jumper dropped around her feet.
She blushed, realising that with the jumper destroyed, it was obvious how badly her blouse fitted her. Hoping to make this a quick trip, she held her handbag over her front and made her way down the corridor, where she knocked on a door.
“Come.” A voice called from the inside. Megan pushed the door open to find herself facing two men and a woman, sat around a table.
“Ah, Megan, hello.” One of the men stood, offering his hand.
“Hi.” Megan replied, shaking the hand and realising as she did that she was still wearing the sleeves of the jumper over her arms, despite the front and back of it missing. She hoped it did not look too silly.
“So, you wanted to discuss your project with us?”
“Yes, I need to get the university to fund a series of interviews with people to assess...” Megan launched into the details of her planned study, which she had rehearsed multiple times in her bedroom, as the group of professors watched her. She tried to remember to smile at each of them, but her smiles came across as nervous and she was sure she caught both of the men looking at the gaping buttons over her breasts several times. “...So, that’s it.” She finished, then looked around expectantly.
“Yes... well, we’ll let you know.” The woman said, looking down and making some notes on a pad. Megan stood for a moment longer, but that seemed to be all the feedback she was going to get.
“Okay... do you have any questions?” she asked nervously.
“No, I think you explained everything.” One of the men replied.
“So, unless you have anything else to show us...” the woman said, trailing off.
Megan realised her time was up, and turned to leave.
She froze at the sound, knowing what it was but hoping she was wrong.
“What...?” the woman’s voice came from behind her.
“I’m sorry!” Megan gasped, her hands grabbed for her backside, feeling her bare buttocks not even slightly covered by her pink thong. “I didn’t mean to! They must have... I just... oh, no!”
Without another word, Megan dashed out of the room, hands over her split trouser seat.
She hurried down the corridor, back to the lift, and pressed the button hurriedly.
“Megan?” a voice called from behind her. Bright red in the face, Megan turned to see the female professor following her. “You forgot your bag.”
“Oh, right.” Megan took the bag the woman held out to her. “I’m so sorry, I know I must have looked ridiculous in there.”
“Don’t worry about it.” The woman took off her glasses and wiped them on her top, “It happens to everyone.”
“So it won’t affect my chances?”
“It shouldn’t do.” The woman replied, replacing her glasses.
“Oh, that’s so good to hear!” Megan sighed in relief.
A button flew from her blouse, straight out in front and into the professor’s glasses, shattering one lens with a horrible cracking noise.
“Oh, god.” Megan exclaimed, as the woman took off her glasses and looked at the damage. “I’m so, so sorry!”
The lift doors opened with a ding, and Megan backed into them. “I’m so, so, so very...” the doors closed and cut her off, and Megan collapsed against the back wall. This day just keeps getting worse, she thought as she looked down at her blouse. Of course the button than popped was right over her blouse, exposing the edge of two white lacy cups and a small pink bow in the middle.
As soon as the lift stopped Megan dashed out, eager not to get anything caught this time. Unfortunately, she realised as the doors closed behind her that she had not made it all the way to the ground, and was still four floors up.
Not wanting to prolong her stay here, Megan turned to the door next to the lift, she pushed through it and dashed down the stairs, then headed outside.
“Hey, hun!” as Megan left the building she almost ran straight into Ffion. “What’s up?”
“Only the most humiliating experience of my life!” Megan exclaimed, “I split my jeans in front of the panel, and then I popped a button on my blouse!”
“One button?”
“What are you... oh, no.” Megan looked down to see that the damage to her blouse had got worse, and now only a single button remained, the rest having fallen off somewhere between the fifth floor and here.
“Anyway,” Ffion continued casually, “did you know the cafe is giving out free doughnuts right now? I’m on my way over.”
“Oh...” Megan sighed, “I’m thinking maybe I should lay off the doughnuts for a bit.” She looked down at her exposed belly, tried to pull her blouse over it but since bursting open the garment was reluctant to close again. “I think I need to head home and change.”
“Suit yourself.”
Ffion headed off in one direction as Megan went in the other. Fortunately, a bus pulled up right as she reached the stop and she got on. Unfortunately, it was standing-room only.
As she held on to a pole and waited for the bus to wind its way back to the student village, Megan heard whispered comments behind her turn to giggles, then outright laughing. Her cheeks burned red, particularly when she heard a couple of wolf-whistles.
“Nice bum!” one of the other passengers called out, before being shushed by his girlfriend. Megan tried turning sideways, but that would expose her backside to the window and everyone the bus passed, which was considerably more people than those on the bus who had already seen it.
Finally the bus stopped and half the people got up, freeing up seats. Megan saw a group of schoolchildren getting on, and she quickly dashed for the nearest seat before any of them could get there.
As she sat, Megan saw the button on her jeans go flying off, and the zip begin to force its way downwards. The children who were now right in front of her began laughing hysterically, pointing at the picture of the muppet Miss Piggy on the front of Megan’s thong.
Blushing furiously, Megan looked out the window of the bus, and realised in horror that she was going in the wrong direction. In her haste to get on a bus, she had not checked which one it was, and had assumed it would take her home. As it was, she was on her way to town, which was going to be packed with people.
She quickly pressed the bell to stop the bus and stood up. One of the children immediately took her seat, and Megan was forced to remain standing until the next stop, listening to more comments and the occasional click of a camera phone.
Finally the bus slowed, coming up to a crowded bus stop. As the doors opened, Megan found people rushing inwards, as she tried to force her way out. She could feel her jeans beginning to work their way down her legs, but there was so little space to move she could not get to them to pull them up, and she began to feel material under her feet.
Finally she made her way outside, as the bus doors closed behind her.
She was almost yanked off her feet as something violently tugged at her handbag, Megan was spun around and heard the shoulder snap break, and could only watch as her handbag, caught inside the doors, was carried away on the bus. Worse, as she looked down she saw her jeans were now completely gone, and she was standing on the street in little more than her underwear.
She had never been as relieved to see anything as she was at Zoe walking up to her. “What happened?”
“My clothes... they kind of fell apart on me.” Megan replied, struggling to cover herself with her hands.
“Nice pants.” Zoe commented, struggling not to laugh at the sight of Miss Piggy on her friend’s crotch. “Is that a thong?”
“Er... yeah. Look, can I borrow some money to get a taxi back home? My bag kind of took the bus without me.” Megan looked at her friend’s face, curling into a smile. “Please?”
Zoe paused, for slightly longer than Megan would have expected.
“Well, since you said please.”
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Revenge on Megan Empty Re: Revenge on Megan

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:05 am
Great story. "Suit yourself" indeed, Ffion. Also I love the part near the beginning with the towel (never thought of a towel rip before), but the whole story was good. Is it too late to say "Happy Nude Rear"?
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Revenge on Megan Empty The Misfortunes of Ffion

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:55 pm
The alarm woke Ffion up before the dawn and she got out of bed almost immediately, ready for another day. She walked quietly to the kitchen, where she was pleased to see her cereal and milk untouched by anyone. It looked like the prank her other housemates and her had played on Megan, which ended with her stripped to her underwear in the middle of town, had the desired effect of preventing her from taking anything else without asking.
After breakfast and a quick shower, Ffion was back in her bedroom and looking at her uniform, clean and ironed and hung on the wardrobe door. A nursing student, Ffion was used to wearing the dark blue polyester trousers and light blue, short-sleeved, popper-fastened tunic that came with the course. Although she made up for the drabness of her outer wear by always having the prettiest underwear she could find. Even though no one would ever see it, it made her feel good to know she had something nice on.
Fully dressed, she turned to her mirror, pulled her curly strawberry-blonde hair back into a ponytail and applied a sensible amount of make-up, just enough to highlight her green eyes and add some colour to her pouty lips. Then it was off to campus.

“Hi, babe.” Sally met Ffion at the door of the health sciences building, also dressed in the student nurse uniform. “Ready for today?”
“Oh, yeah.” Ffion replied, “This is going to be an easy day.”
The two of them took the lift up to the third floor, where they found a group of other students, mostly girls, all dressed similarly. All of them filed into a large room, where several resuscitation dummies were laid out on the floor.
“Morning, everyone.” The only person not in uniform, a sensibly-dressed woman in her early thirties, stood at the front of the room. “Are you all ready for your clinical skills practice? We’re going to be doing basic life support this morning, and moving on to some more advanced skills this afternoon.”
The class listened patiently while the tutor explained the background of what they were going to be doing, then called for a volunteer. Ffion, always keen to get involved and show what she knew, stepped forward.
“Okay, Ffion, what you’re going to do is demonstrate how to do chest compressions, on Annie the dummy here.” The tutor said, “So if you’ll kneel down on this side, and hold your arms like so-“
Ffion followed the instructions, kneeling down in front of the class and placing her hands on the chest of the dummy, arms locked, fingers interlaced. At the tutor’s instruction, she began to push on the chest in a steady rhythm.
“You’re aiming for a normal heart rate, so up to one hundred per minute, and a depth of about a third of the chest. Until we get the equipment to give rescue breaths we’re just going to keep doing compressions...”
Ffion’s mind was pulled away from the tutor, as she felt something worrying in the middle of her back- a distinct unfastening, followed by an immediate loosening around her breasts. She realised straight away that her bra had managed to unhook itself, and she could feel the straps spread apart and head for her shoulders. Her breasts were fairly large for her frame, and feeling them suddenly unsupported was extremely disconcerting for her.
Unable to stop the demonstration, Ffion continued moving her body up and down over the dummy, feeling fabric inch over her shoulders, and then to her horror she saw pink lace emerging from each of her sleeves. She looked up to Sally questioningly, as if she could help her, but saw the class beginning to notice and start to laugh quietly at her predicament. Finally the tutor finished what she was saying and turned back to her.
“Now, we can... oh, dear.”
“Sorry!” Ffion exclaimed, stopping the compressions and putting her hands on her straps, although she realised there was no way she could refasten the bra without going and taking her top off.
“Well, there should be a lesson here to all of you,” the tutor said, “about dressing suitably for the job. Including your underwear! I think we might take a five minute break there.”

“It’s not too embarrassing.” Sally said through the toilet stall door.
“It’s pretty embarrassing!” Ffion replied from within, as she rehooked her bra. Or tried to- it seemed that however she put the hooks in the eyes, they sprang open again as soon as she moved. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this stupid thing.”
“I can’t get it to stay fastened. Hey, do you have your gym stuff with you, with a sports bra I can borrow?”
“Not on a Monday. Will it not stay at all?”
“No, as soon as I move it opens up again!”
“You’re going to have to do without it, then.”
“I can’t go braless! I don’t have anything else on under this top!”
“It’s up to you, but if it won’t stay fastened...”
“Ugh. Fine.” Ffion threw her faulty bra into her handbag, and pulled her tunic back on. She suddenly felt more naked, despite no one being able to tell the difference. She came out of the stall. “How long do we have left?”
“We’d better get back in there.”

“Ah, better now, Ffion?” the tutor asked as they reentered the room.
“Yeah... sorry.”
“That’s fine. Now, if you find someone lying on the floor, how can you tell if they’re breathing?”
“Look, listen and feel.”
“That’s right, you get right down to them, put your cheek by their mouth. Would you like to demonstrate for us?”
“Sure.” Ffion came to the front of the class again to the dummy on the floor. She crouched down to get her face to it, and as she did and felt a worrying lack of give in her uniform trousers, she wished she hadn’t chosen the side of the dummy which pointed her backside straight at the entire group, as to her horror she suddenly heard a loud
And felt her trousers split up the back seam, her bright pink lace knickers in full view of everyone. Ffion blushed even brighter pink as the class burst into laughter at her, and she wondered whether she should carry on with what she was doing, or run away and hide. She turned to the tutor, who was suddenly looking much more disappointed at her.
“I think we ought to have a discussion about your uniform.” The tutor sighed. “We did tell everyone to get a size they could freely move about in.”
“I... I thought I did...” Ffion stammered, finally standing up and covering the rip with her hands.
“Well, clearly not.” The tutor replied. “Maybe someone else could do the demonstration, without bursting out of their clothes?”
Cheeks burning, Ffion hurried to the back of the group and stood next to Sally.
“Oh my god!” Sally gasped, “Did you really just do that?”
“Yes... I really did.” Ffion groaned quietly. “Was it as bad as I thought?”
“Well, at least you have pretty underwear on.”

The rest of the class continued and Ffion remained at the back, hands over her exposed rear, as other students practised life support. After half an hour of this they were divided up and Ffion, Sally and half a dozen other students were sent to one corner of the room with a dummy.
“Now, you’re going to be practising abdominal thrusts, for use with a choking patient.” The tutor explained, before handing a dummy to Ffion. She struggled a little with the weight, and needed both hands, leaving her split trousers uncovered again.
At the tutor’s instruction, Ffion instructed the plastic dummy to try and cough, then she slapped it firmly on the back five times, then held it in front of her, balled her fists and pulled hard into the dummy’s midsection five times.
“Good job, Ffion.” The tutor smiled, “Let’s have someone else try now.” Ffion turned to her left and passed the dummy over.
One side of her tunic snagged on the back of the dummy, and as she handed it to the next student her poppers were pulled open, the flap of her tunic opening up and exposing her bare breasts to the group.
“EEK!” Ffion cried out as she realised what had just happened.
“But... what happened? You were wearing one earlier...” the confused student stammered.
Ffion tugged her tunic closed, but the poppers refused to fasten again and she was forced to keep it held closed with her hands. Her large breasts, free from the confines of a bra, were a struggle to keep behind the fabric and she lost her grip on the tunic several times, exposing herself repeatedly. She tried turning against the wall to hide herself, but this then revealed her backside again. She finally found a compromise with one hand clutching the front of her tunic and trying desperately to hold both sides together, the other hand over her rear. By the time she had managed to even half cover herself, the room full of students had stopped what they were doing and turned to look at her.
“Could I maybe... get another uniform?” Ffion looked pleadingly at the tutor, “Maybe in a slightly bigger size?”

Twenty minutes later, Ffion was in the toilets again, waiting while Sally went to collect a new uniform for her. While she waited, she took her phone out of her bag. It had been on silent, and she saw she had three missed calls from Lucy. Probably wanted her opinion on who to go out with this weekend. Ffion called her back.
“Hey, so glad you called.” Lucy’s voice came through the phone.
“I’ve been a bit busy. You won’t believe what happened to me this morning, it’s the most humiliating day of my life.”
“Really? It can’t be anything compared to what happened to me...”
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Revenge on Megan Empty Lucy's Bad Luck

on Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:03 pm
Lucy sighed as she looked at herself in her full-length mirror. Before starting university she had always had a toned body, taut muscles but not too bulging, and a firm stomach that she had shown off in cropped tops and bikinis. Now, just a few months later, she was still showing her stomach off, but only accidentally when her clothes failed to completely cover her. Her face had filled out too, she thought, squeezing her rounded cheeks together as she peered closer. She lifted her gaze to her piercing blue eyes and her light blonde hair, then down again to where her breasts were filling out to the point they were close to not fitting in her bra anymore.
Promising to herself that when she had time she really would go to a gym again, Lucy pulled on her uniform of black blouse and black trousers, and headed out of the house.
She headed for the book shop, stopping behind the counter to drop off her bag and jacket and pin on her badge.
“Hey, girl.” Her co-worker Therese was clocking in to the till. Therese was a little shorter than Lucy, with curly black hair and thick glasses. “You’re on the shelves first.”
“Any more of those enormous textbooks to stack up?”
“You have no idea.”
Lucy made her way to the back of the shop, where large boxes of books were stacked up waiting for her. The box on top was just below chest height, she squatted a little to get a good grip on it.
Slightly alarmed, Lucy stepped back and looked down. The button fastening her trousers had just come free of the material and disappeared somewhere on the floor, leaving only her zip holding them up.
“Crap!” Lucy hissed, “Right at the start of my shift!”
“What happened? Did you split your pants?” Therese called from the till.
“No!” Lucy replied, wishing her co-worker would not shout things like that across the entire shop. She saw the few customers who had arrived that early turning to look at her. “Nothing happened!”
Lucy shook her head and the two of them got back to work. A little more carefully, out of fear she would burst her zip as well, Lucy picked up the top box and took it halfway up the shop, where she set it down on a stool and opened it. Just as she had expected, the large box only contained about five books, each of them an enormous textbook that made her groan thinking about how much she’d spent on similar books.
“Hey, excuse me?”
Lucy turned to see an attractive slender girl, dressed in tight grey trousers, a suit jacket and an old-fashioned blouse, with short highlighted hair.
“Hi, yes?”
“I’m looking for a particular book, I can’t find it anywhere.”
“If it’s one from any of the syllabuses we either have it or can get it by the end of the week.”
“Thanks, although I don’t know about that. It’s called A Brighter Garden, by Emily Dickinson.”
“Oh, I love her!”
“Me too, but I went home last weekend and I left my copy there, I can’t wait for post before I have it back, I read it most nights.”
“I hope we can help you, then. There’s a couple of places in the shop we might have it, let’s try the poetry section first, obviously.”
“I tried there, I couldn’t see it.”
“Well, it should be under D, but it might have been put under the illustrator’s name by mistake.”
Lucy led the girl to the right section and began scanning the shelves. She started with A and went down to D with no success, then took a step to her right. “I think the illustrator’s name started with a T?”
“That’s right, yes.”
“So let’s see...”
Lucy looked down the shelves, starting at the top with N, then down the letters. T was on the bottom shelf, and in the middle she saw a spine with flowers drawn on it, which looked familiar.
“Aha, let’s see what I’ve got here...” Lucy bent over to take the book.
Lucy gulped, realising what had just happened. Her plain black uniform trousers had split wide open, and she remembered that today she had chosen to wear her Marvel comics knickers, covered in brightly-coloured pictures of the Avengers. She heard the girl behind her giggling at her exposed underwear.
To make it worse, when she stood up she realised the book she had found was not the right one.
“Er... maybe I have it out the back.” Lucy stammered, before dashing through a door and into a small storeroom.
She pulled her mobile phone from her pocket, remembered that Ffion was on campus today, she thought maybe she could come and bring her some new trousers or a sewing kit or something. She dialled her number but it rang out. She was about to try Zoe, when she looked though the little window in the door to see the customer was still standing there, waiting for her to come out. Lucy quickly felt at her rear end- just as she had feared, the split had torn open the entire seat. She knew there was a stapler by the till, if she could get there she might be able to do something about it. But the girl was still waiting for her.
Holding both hands over her backside, Lucy pushed the door open with her shoulder and walked back into the shop.
“No, not out there.” She tried to sound casual despite her cheeks burning red with embarrassment.
“Is there anywhere else it might be?”
“Er... yes, by the front of the shop, we have some other poetry books, maybe it’s there.”
Struggling to keep her back to the wall, Lucy led the girl towards the till.
“Excuse me, miss?”
Lucy turned to see another customer, standing right in front of her and holding two editions of the same textbook.
“Sorry, I’m just helping someone at the moment.” Lucy explained, and then realised that the someone she was helping had a full view of her knickers again. She quickly covered herself and began crab-walking to the front.
“Yes, here we are.” She said as they reached a table of books.
“So, do you sell comics as well?” the girl asked, smiling.
“No, we... oh, because of my knickers?”
“No, not in this shop.”
“That’s a shame, I’ve suddenly developed a love of Marvel.”
Smiling and turning brighter red, Lucy sidled up to the till.
“Oh, hey, there’s some returns to be restocked.” Therese handed Lucy a large pile of books without looking up.
“Okay, great,” Lucy took the pile in her arms, “but I was hoping I could borrow the stapler first.”
“What for?”
“I split my trousers.”
“I thought you said you hadn’t?” Therese looked at her, smiling.
“I hadn’t when you asked, now I have.”
“I see. The stapler’s in the stock room.”
“I just came from there! Can you go get it for me?”
“I can’t leave the till, we’re starting to get busy.” Therese gestured at a handful of people coming towards them with purchases.
“I found it.” Lucy turned to see the girl holding a copy of the book she had been looking for.
“I was wondering, do you have anything else by her?”
“It would be on the poetry shelves if we do.”
“Can you help me look?”
“Er... sure.” Lucy dumped the large pile of books down on the counter to head to the shelves again. She stood in front of the poetry titles and realised that the girl was not looking at the books, but had her eyes firmly on Lucy’s chest. “Excuse me?”
“Oh, you... seem to have lost some buttons.”
Lucy looked down, and realised the understatement of the girls’ comment. She realised it must have happened when she put the books down, but all the buttons from her blouse had been torn free of the material, revealing her lacy white bra underneath.
“Oh, god!” Lucy crossed her arms and dashed back into the stock room.
She took her phone out again and tried Ffion’s number, again it rang out and went to answerphone.
“Ffion!” Lucy wailed to the phone, “Something hugely embarrassing has just happened! I’m at work in the bookshop, and my uniform is just falling apart on me! And I’ve got a really cute girl here that I’m trying to help, but she’s just seen my comic book knickers and my bra! Call me back!”
Hanging up, Lucy looked around the small room, finding the stapler sitting on top of a box. She grabbed it, then quickly stripped off her trousers. She turned them round and examined the rear seam.
“Completely ruined.” She sighed. She placed the two halves of the seam inside the stapler and squeezed it together. Nothing happened. She tried again, and again. Finally she thought to open up the stapler and look inside. Empty.
“Hey, Lucy, this girl said she’s waiting for you...”
Lucy jumped as the door of the stock room was opened wide by Therese. Lucy was still holding her trousers in her hands, and she ineffectually held them in front of her crotch to try and hide her underwear. Not that it mattered that much, with the girl having already seen them and her blouse still hanging open.
“Damn, girl!” Therese exclaimed, “The last time someone caught me in the stock room like that I at least had a man in there with me!”
Unable to think of anything to say, Lucy quickly tried to climb back into her trousers, hopping on one foot as she pushed the other one in.
The heel of her shoe caught on the material and Lucy was horrified to see the trousers tear into an unrecognisable black shape as she pulled them, she realised they were not going to be wearable at all now.
“Oh, no!” she wailed, looking at them.
“Oh, my!” the customer mouthed breathily.
“Oh, wow!” Therese gasped.
“I think... I should be going.” The cute girl stammered. “I’ll come back later, though.” She headed for the door, looking quite dizzy.
“I don’t think you’re going to be able to work with your uniform like that.” Therese said.
“I don’t think I’m going to be able to get home like this either!” Lucy exclaimed, “What can I do?”
“Well, I have something you can wear, but you won’t like it.”
“Anything is better than being stuck in my underwear!”

A little while later, Lucy met up with Ffion in the union cafe. She saw that Ffion was wearing a new nursing student uniform, creased from the packet, but the top was too small and the trousers looked too big. Lucy herself was wearing Therese’s gym kit, she had managed to squeeze herself into a pair of pastel pink lycra shorts and bra top, and even with her jacket over the top she could not prevent it exposing her midriff and, whenever she bent or sat, a couple of inches of her backside as well.
“So, it happened to you as well?” Ffion said, looking her friend up and down.
“My clothes just fell apart!”
“Yeah, mine too. I didn’t think they were that old or tight before today.”
“Do you think it’s anything to do with what we did to Megan?”
“I... actually, that would make sense if it was.”
“I think she sabotaged us for revenge, like we did to her.”
“Well, there’s one way to find out.”
“Yep. We have to see if anything has happened to Zoe.”
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Revenge on Megan Empty Re: Revenge on Megan

on Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:30 am
Great stuff as always. I wish I could see anything even a tenth as good as Ffion's incident during any of my CPR classes, and Lucy accidentally destroying her pants after the failed staple attempt... good stuff.
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Revenge on Megan Empty Zoe's Embarrassment

on Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:17 pm
Zoe noticed a missed call on her phone from Ffion, but she was already running late. She knew what it was about- The other girls knew she was working today, and were wondering what treats she could bring back for them. She already intended to grab as much as she could. As she heard a car horn honk outside the front door for the third time, Zoe stepped into her black ballet pumps and left the house.
Mischa was waiting in her battered old car, resisting the temptation to honk again, when she saw Zoe come towards her. Mischa leaned over and opened the passenger door, and was moving before Zoe had her seatbelt on.
“I’m not that late, am I?” Zoe asked, taking out her makeup bag and flipping down the sun visor to look in the mirror.
“Not if, for some reason, everyone else who was going to be driving at this time of day decides to stay home and none of the speed cameras are working. Then we might make it.” Mischa replied, steering out of the car park. “These things always start late, anyway.”
Zoe carried on applying her make-up; she knew she could not look too over-done, she had to be pretty and presentable without overshadowing anyone else. She highlighted her blue eyes and added a discrete pink to her lips, then she took a hair elastic from her bag and pulled her dark brown hair into a ponytail. She then checked her outfit to make sure she had not dropped any powder or other make-up on it. She, like Mischa, was dressed in a pair of black trousers and a black waistcoat, with a white blouse. As far as she could see there was nothing spilled on her, although she was annoyed to find a loose button on her waistcoat come off in her fingers. She quickly stuffed it into her pocket and hoped it would not be too noticeable.
Mischa drove the two of them around the outskirts of town, and up into the countryside. It was mid-afternoon as she pulled up outside a converted barn which was decorated with bunting and balloons. The two of them headed over to meet their manager, Emma.
“I thought you weren’t going to make it.” She sighed. “Fortunately we’ve still got a few minutes until the party arrives, you two go on the front door and greet the guests as they arrive.” The two girls started to head in the direction indicated, until Emma suddenly looked at Zie slightly sternly, “Zoe, what happened to your button?”
“Oh, it must have been loose, it came off in the car.” Zoe replied, “I’ll see if I can get it fixed later.” She held her hand over her waistcoat self-consciously.
“What are you... oh, you’re missing another one. I meant the one on your blouse.”
Zoe looked down, and saw there was indeed a missing button on her blouse, right between her breasts and revealing a light pink bra with a bow between the cups.
“I’ll see if I can find a safety pin.” Emma said, walking off. Zoe hurried to catch up with her friend.
“Why didn’t you say my bra was showing?” Zoe gasped.
“I didn’t notice... but wow, you’re going to get some good tips this time.”
“Shut up!”
The two took their places behind a table full of glasses. Zoe had champagne flutes on her half, which she began filling with sparkling wine. Mischa had straight glasses and fruit juice.
Shortly after that, Mischa nudged Zoe and pointed out into the car park, where vehicles were arriving and people dressed in suits and smart dresses began to head for the barn. The girls put on their best customer service smiles and handed out drinks as the guests arrived.
“Mischa, swap with me.” Zoe whispered through gritted teeth ten minutes later.
“Because you get the kids and the older people on your side. If I have one more guy look straight at my boobs while I’m trying to hand him a drink I might have to slap someone.”
“Well, it’s your own fault for popping two buttons.”
“Two?!” Zoe looked down at her chest to see Mischa was right, and her blouse was now missing a second button. “Oh, come on!”
“Girls!” Emma called out to them as she came over, “The bride and groom will be here in a minute, it’s time to start circulating with food. And... oh dear, Zoe.”
“Sorry, I don’t know what happened!”
“Well, try to take smaller breaths, you can’t afford to lose many more.”
Zoe and Mischa followed their boss to a side room, where trays of canapés were waiting. They took a tray each and mingled with the crowd, Zoe making a mental note of what there was and ensuring she always headed back to the side room before the tray was quite emptied to tip the rest into a box to take home.
At least she could carry the tray high up, and do her best to block people’s views of her chest, but Zoe kept hoping Emma might come back with the safety pin she had mentioned earlier. Their manager, however, seemed to have forgotten them, and was in a corner handing out business cards.
“Ladies and gentlemen!” a voice suddenly announced from the far side of the room, “Please be seated for dinner!”
Zoe let out a sigh of relief as everyone turned away from her and made their way into the main room. She cut her sigh short, however, to check it had not caused any more buttons to pop. She was thankful that her blouse did not seem any more damaged, although that only lasted until she checked her waistcoat and found a second button now missing from that.
“Girls! Wine!” Emma hissed at them and Zoe went back into action, returning her tray (after tipping the last of the canapés into the box) and taking two bottles of white wine, while Mischa took two bottles of red. Both of them followed the crowd of guests, who were finding their seats among a mass of tables. Most of the tables were round, but the top table was one long row. Zoe made her way around, offering wine to people, and trying not to see the less discrete glances at her rapidly-uncovering bra.
Following one particularly galling experience with a table that seemed to be composed entirely of the groom’s male friends, Zoe quickly turned away to carry on to the next table, when she bumped up against the top table, knocking a large floral display to the floor. At that moment, the announcer’s voice rang out with “Please welcome, the bride and groom” as the happy couple entered.
Feeling mortified at the idea of them sitting down to find their table decorations scattered across the floor rather than tastefully arranged in front of them, Zoe set her bottles of wine on the table and bent over to pick the flowers up.
Unfortunately she had chosen the moment when the couple reached their table, ensuring every pair of eyes in the room was looking at least in her general direction as her trousers split, revealing her almost completely naked backside.
Zoe gasped, she jerked up, covered her seat with her hands, and turned around to hide it from the room and the abundance of cameras everyone seemed to have. Trying to smile, with her cheeks burning red, she awkwardly side-stepped along the length of the table until she could dash over to the side where Mischa and Emma were standing.
“Oh my god!” Mischa exclaimed.
“I know!” Zoe wailed, “Is it a bad rip? It feels bad.”
“It’s bad.” Mischa confirmed.
“I have to go and change!” Zoe turned to Emma.
“Do you have any spare clothes with you?” Emma asked.
“No, but it will only take half an hour or so to get home.”
“And then half an hour to get back. I need you here.”
“But my bum is showing!”
“I know, but if you wore clothes that fitted properly this wouldn’t be a problem. Oh look, the first course is ready.”
Emma was already turning towards the kitchen and gesturing for the cooks to give the food to the girls. Zoe was handed an enormous tureen of soup, and Mischa was given a ladle.
“Couldn’t I do the ladle?” Zoe asked as she followed her colleague back to the waiting guests. “Then I’d have a hand to cover myself!”
“Last time we did it that way round you tipped soup on the bride.” Mischa reminded her, smiling at the guests as she filled their bowls.
Zoe followed her, aware the entire time that her rear was fully exposed and there were many people with cameras.
“Well, I never!” she heard a female guest exclaimed.
“Look, that lady’s bum is showing!” a flower girl cried out.
“Mm-mm, nice strawberries!” one of the groom’s friends whispered to his friend.
The mention of strawberries sent a chill through Zoe- she realised this meant the rip had opened up so much that the waistband of her thong was now visible, revealing it to be white with a pattern of bright red strawberries.
Finally, all the guests had been served. Zoe hurried over to the kitchen with the tureen and gratefully set it down on the counter.
Confused for a moment, Zoe suddenly realised what had happened when she saw her blouse sleeves begin to slide down her arms, separated from the rest of the garment by a row of snapped stitching.
“Oh, no!” Zoe groaned, looking at the two white cotton pieces as they came to rest against her hands. She turned to Mischa, to show her what had happened.
“Wow, I’ve never seen that happen before.” Mischa said, looking at her.
“This can’t get any worse!”
“You realise saying that is just going to jinx things.”
“How? This literally could not be any worse.” Zoe leaned back against the counter, tilting her head back and trying to think of how she was going to get through the rest of the evening.
“You had to say it.”
Zoe looked back at Mischa, then followed where she was looking- her waistcoat buttons had now all fallen off, and the garment was hanging open, leaving nothing now covering her blouse, which was now missing four buttons. That left just the collar button and two at the bottom, one of which was tucked into her trousers anyway.
“No!” Zoe cried out.
“Girls!” Emma was hurrying over to them, “Collect the bowls, we need to get the main course out now!”
“Emma, my buttons!”
“Well, at least you’re wearing a sensible bra, although I’m sure I told you to wear white and not pink. Now come along!”
Zoe hurried out among the tables, she was able to hold one hand over her backside as she began, and pile bowls up to try and cover her chest, but soon there were enough that she needed two hands to carry them and was once again walking around the guests with her rear exposed.
She returned to the counter to drop the bowls, realising then that her detached sleeves were still sitting on her arms. She pulled them off and dumped them on the counter as well. The cooks had already placed trays of food ready, and she remembered that the last time the food had been served anything less than piping hot, Emma had threatened to dock their wages. Trying to keep her face from blushing too much, she took a tray and began to distribute the food.
She was on her third tray, halfway across the room, when Zoe felt something odd happening. She had been aware that her trousers had felt loose around her backside since they split, but now she felt them start to hang down around her legs as well, and she felt the hem of each trousers leg slip under her shoes. A moment later she felt the waistband slip over her naked rear, and she realised they were falling!
In the middle of the dining room, with both hands occupied with a tray, Zoe felt her trousers drop to the floor and pool around her feet. Suddenly there were many more cameras in evidence, and she heard several mentions of selling clips to ‘You’ve Been Framed’.
Uncertain what to do, Zoe half-turned to go back where she had come, but felt the material twist around her feet and she was suddenly falling, landing with a crash on the ground, on top of her tray full of meals.
Dazed for a moment, Zoe sat up on the ground, she looked at her white blouse and realised two things- firstly, that it was covered in sauce and vegetables and was no longer white, and secondly that her waistcoat had somehow completely fallen off her body.
Beginning to get to her feet, Zoe attempted to brush some of the food matter off herself.
Although she had only brushed gently, Zoe saw the blouse seams fall apart as if caught in a shredder, and the pieces of her top fluttered to the ground.
Zoe realised she was now dressed only in her skimpy underwear in front of over a hundred people. She threw her hands over as much of her body as she could, stepped out of her fallen trousers and dashed for the door.
She reached the dining room door, realised it was heavy and reluctantly used both hands to pull it open.
The release around her chest warned Zoe that latest sound had been her bra snap breaking, and she ran from the room before she ended up fully naked.
It was only when she got back into the entrance hall that Zoe wondered where she was going to- after all, she had no other clothes and Mischa, who was now serving the entire room on her own, had driven her there so she had no car to hide in.
That was when she saw the last people she had expected to run into- her housemates, Ffion and Lucy.
“Oh my god!” Ffion exclaimed, looking Zoe up and down.
“What are you doing here?” Zoe gasped, she was squirming in front of them as she tried to hide her body again, although her mind was steadily catching up to wondering why Ffion was wearing a nursing uniform that clearly did not fit and Lucy was squeezed into an immodest pink work-out outfit that looked like it belonged to a much smaller girl.
“We checked the calendar to see where you were working tonight,” Lucy explained, “We had a feeling something like this would have happened to you.”
“But... how could you know? And what has happened to me? This uniform always fitted me before tonight!”
“I have a feeling that Megan wanted to get revenge on us. For, you know, getting revenge on her.” Ffion replied.
“She rigged my clothes to fall apart?”
“Not just yours.” Lucy said. “This is not how I chose to dress this morning.”
“And this wasn’t what I put on either.” Ffion said. Something behind Lucy caught her eye and she leaned closer to her, “Hun, your pants have split.”
“Oh, damn.” Lucy twisted to look at the back of her shorts, “Now I’m going to owe Therese a new pair of shorts.”
“Hey, could we get out of here?” Zoe asked, “Because any minute now my manager is going to expect me to get back to work like this.”
“Yeah, let’s go.” Ffion said, “I think we need to plan a little revenge for the revenge on our revenge.”
“We need to... okay, I think I followed that.” Zoe said, “Since you had a feeling I was going to end up like this, I assume you brought a change of clothes?”
The other two girls looked at each other.
“I knew we should have...”
“I thought you were going to...”
They turned back to Zoe.
“It’s going to be a long bus ride back to the house.” Lucy said.
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Revenge on Megan Empty Megan Again

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:06 pm
Megan squinted as herself in the small mirror mounted above her sink. Her make-up was flawless, but she was uncertain about her hair. That weekend she had made the decision to add a streak of purple to her shortish dark brown locks, and she was beginning to wonder if it was not as good an idea as it had seemed at the time. Still, too late to do anything about it, and with the right make-up emphasising her dark brown almond-shaped eyes she knew she looked hot, just not whether hot was the way to go.
You’re overthinking this! She told herself as she pulled on her suit. The black trouser suit had been hung in the shower room overnight to steam it, to make sure there were no creases anywhere. She had thought about going with a blouse underneath, but in the end chose to wear a white vest with lace trim. But even that she was unsure of now. Still, she knew her presentation well and she had her lucky knickers on, so nothing could go that wrong for her today.

A short while later, Megan got off the bus and headed for her building. She was running early, but that was deliberate so she would have time to go over her presentation before going in to speak to everyone. She took the lift up to her floor.
Sitting in the hallway were several students she recognised from her course, each of them holding notes and clearly about to do their own presentations. They had taken up all the seats in the hallway, so Megan looked around for somewhere to stand as she walked to the other side of the room to sign in.
Having jotted her name down on a sheet, Megan reached up to drop the pen into her jacket’s top pocket.
She looked down in horror at the top pocket, which had torn partially away from her jacket, leaving a jagged rip several inches long exposing her suit’s dark pink lining. One of the students sat nearby had seen what had happened and started sniggering. Annoyed, Megan went to the corner of the hall farthest away and assessed the damage, although she knew there was nothing she could do. She had to hope that her presentation would be so dazzling that no one would notice her little malfunction.
Thinking of her presentation, Megan reached into her left side pocket to pull out her notes.
Oh, come on! Megan thought to herself, frowning at the second pocket to tear, leaving another gash in her jacket and another few inches of pink silk lining. The student who had sniggered had nudged his friend, and now both of them were smiling at Megan. She turned sideways, hoping to keep the two rips out of sight.
She heard stitches snap a second before she heard the clatter of something on the ground. Looking down, she saw one of her two jacket buttons lying on the floor. She was seriously considering how she would look if she just took her jacket off and did the presentation in her trousers and vest, as she bent over to pick up the button.
A sudden draft around her backside told Megan that taking off her jacket would be a very bad idea. The sniggering now turned to outright laughing as Megan realised that in turning she had inadvertently given the students a full view of her light pastel pink knickers as her trousers split.
Fortunately, at that moment the door to the next room opened and one of the sniggering students was called in. Megan took the opportunity to take his chair, and gratefully sank into it.
Now all three of the students were watching her, as Megan felt the split in her trousers run up closer to her waistband. She felt cool plastic on the small of her back where the rip reached higher than the lacy waist of her knickers. Trying to force herself to stop blushing, Megan tried to cross her right leg over her left, nonchalantly.
She realised that had been a bad idea as she felt a cool breeze down her thigh, and felt material splitting open right down to her knee. She realised now that her trousers were almost unwearable, although in her mind she thought that maybe if she was only seen from the front then things might not be too bad. She leaned forwards, rested her elbows on her knees and held her head in her hands.
As she felt a loosening of the jacket across her shoulder blades, Megan knew she definitely had to be seen only from the front.
As she waited, the first guy walked out of the other room and back into the lift, and the guy next to her was called in, leaving two girls opposite.
“Bad day?” a chubby girl with ginger hair, dressed in a green skirt suit asked.
“I don’t know what happened!” Megan replied, looking up. “My suit is falling apart!”
“Not a good day for that to happen.” The next girl, a blonde in a blue turtleneck and black skirt added.
“I don’t think there’s ever a good day for it.” The ginger girl said.
“No, that’s true. I remember when I was in school, one PE lesson I was asked to demonstrate jumping over the pommel horse. So with everyone watching, I ran up, jumped over it, and halfway across I heard my shorts splitting. I failed the landing, ended up face-down on the mat on the other side, bum in the air, showing off my polka-dot knickers to everyone!”
“Hey, what about the superhero fancy dress party in freshers week?” the ginger girl added, “You were Wonder Woman, and I was Black Widow.”
“Oh, yeah!” the blonde girl had already started laughing.
“Yeah, of course the costume wasn’t really leather, that would be really expensive, it was some plastic type thing.” The ginger girl continued, “As I got out of the taxi, I heard a rip over my bum. Obviously, not wanting panty lines, I only had on a thong, but it wasn’t too big a rip. But that sort of material isn’t sturdy anyway, and once a rip is started on it... well, after about an hour of dancing there was virtually nothing on my back at all!”
“Geez, sounds like it can always get worse!” Megan replied.
“Yeah!” the blonde girl agreed, then considered for a second, “Although your situation probably won’t get worse, maybe no one will even notice.”
“Yeah, from the front it’s only the two pockets, they won’t see anything if you don’t turn round.”
“That was what I was thinking.” Megan sighed.
The blonde girl ducked to the side as a button went flying towards her, disappearing somewhere behind the chairs. Megan looked at her trousers, which no longer had a button or a working zip, and displayed the head of a blonde fairy on the front of her knickers.
“Is that Tinkerbell?” the ginger girl asked.
“Er, yeah... sort of my lucky knickers.” Megan replied.
“I don’t think they’re working.”
The second guy came out of the room, and the ginger girl was called in, leaving Megan with the blonde.
“What am I going to do?” Megan wailed quietly, looking at her broken fastenings, barely registering that her jacket was now missing the second button.
“Will they stay up without you holding them?”
“I hope so!”
“You’re going to have to hope your presentation is so good that they don’t notice any of your... many wardrobe malfunctions.”
“I don’t know if any presentation is good enough for that.”
“Well, your hair looks good.”
“Yeah! I was thinking of adding some pink to mine, but I’ve never been that brave!”
“Oh, it washes out in about a week.” Megan reached up to brush her hand through the purple streak in her hair.
The side seam of her jacket opened up from the armpit, and Megan quickly put her hand down.
“Oops!” the blonde girl was trying not to laugh at her. But not very successfully.
“Oh, this is terrible!”
“So as well as keeping your front to them, you’ll also have to keep your hand by your side at all times.”
“I guess so.”
The door opened again, the ginger girl came out and the blonde was called in.
“Good luck!” the ginger girl whispered as she headed for the lift.
The lift doors had closed before it occurred to Megan she should have asked to borrow the girl’s clothes. She reasoned that they probably would not have fit her anyway.
Megan wondered how bad the rip under her arm was, she reached to her side with her other hand.
The sleeve came detached from her jacket, and began to slide down her arm. Megan looked at in shock for a minute. She wondered if ripping off the other sleeve was an option, whether that would look okay or just weird. As if anything could look weirder than her with her suit falling to pieces.
This was just like last time she was here, except at least them most of her clothes had stayed on until she left the room, although she had split her jeans in front of the professors. The rest of her clothes had fallen apart while she was on her way home.
It seemed like only a few seconds, nowhere near long enough to come up with a plan, before the door opened and the blonde girl walked out.
“Hey, can I borrow your...” Megan began to say, but the girl was moving very quickly. Megan jumped up out of her chair.
Her jacket completely parted with her body, whether it was snagged on the chair or had just completely given up Megan did not know, but she did know that the girl had already got in the lift. She also realised that her trousers would not, in fact, stay up without her holding them, as they were now settled around her feet.
“Megan?” a voice said from the doorway. “Er... we’re ready for you now.”
Megan turned to the open door. There were more people than she had expected. At least two dozen of the university faculty were sat in the next room, with a variety of expressions on their faces at the girl who was dressed only in a white lacy vest and light pink knickers with a picture of a smiling Tinkerbell across the front.
Forcing a smile on her face somehow, despite her cheeks burning red, Megan took a step into the room, leaving her ruined clothes scattered around the chair. She had a very clear flashback of when she was sixteen and forgot her PE kit, and had to do the entire lesson in her underwear. At the time she had thought that was the most embarrassing thing that would ever happen to her.
“Er... okay.” The head of her department cleared his throat, took his glasses off and cleaned them, then looked at Megan again. “Is the, er... outfit, related to your presentation?”
“N... no.” Megan stammered, “This isn’t how I was dressed when I arrived. But my suit sort of... ripped.”
“And you took it off?”
“No, not exactly. It ripped... off. It’s still in the hallway.”
“Would you like to go and put it on?”
“I don’t think I can, actually....” Megan found herself sweating, her knees trembling. She took a deep breath. “And then you called me in so... here I am.”
“Yes, here you are indeed.” A different professor replied from opposite her. “And you seem to be experiencing a very common nightmare, of going to class in your underwear, just in real life.”
“Would you mind if I took a moment to pinch myself and hope I wake up in bed?”
“Not at all.”
Megan pinched her arm a couple of times, but remained where she was and failed to wake up back in bed to find this had all been a bad dream.
“I suppose... would you like to hear about my project?”
“If you’d like to go ahead.”
“Right...” Megan reached for her pocket for her notes, to find them not there. Mostly because the pocket was not there, being left in the hallway with the remains of her jacket. “I just need to grab my notes.”
Megan turned on her heel. One of the staff held the door open as she dashed to her chair and bent to rummage among the ruined material.
Megan froze in shock, realising that there was very little else that could have been. Still, she reached behind her, feeling the back of her knickers, the tattered cotton, and the large expanse of her backside that had just split through her underwear.
“Oh, god.” Megan whispered to herself, looking back and seeing the door was still open, and the entire faculty looking at her bare behind. Megan quickly jolted upright at that, hands over her rear. “Oh, god!”
The straps of her vest broke, flying behind her, and the garment slid down her body, exposing her bare breasts.
Her mind finally caught fully up with her situation, and Megan realised the presentation was not going to end well in any sense. Choosing to escape now and explain and apologise later, she sprinted into the lift.
The door closed behind her and Megan leaned back against them, she let out a long breath. Now she just had to figure out how to get back home, then how to write a message to every member of the faculty that was contrite enough to prevent her being kicked out for flashing them.
But first, she had to work out why her vest was riding up her stomach.
That turned out to be an obvious answer, as she found herself unable to move away from the doors while her snagged vest pulled up, until with a tearing noise it was sucked from her body. She found she could still not move, however, and what was worse her knickers were pulling in a very uncomfortable way, that she had not felt since she was back at school and been the victim of the occasional wedgie.
“Oh, no...” Megan barely had time to say, before with another tearing noise her remaining underwear was torn from her and pulled up and out of the lift.
Now free, but also naked, Megan stood against the back wall of the lift, wondering what she could possibly say if anyone else were to get on it. For that matter, how could she get home? She had a vague idea from comics that she could possibly find a nearby bush and pull off a large clump of foliage to sneak home, but that could not possibly work to get her on a bus and it was a very long way to walk even when not stark naked.
She watched the numbers count down until the small screen read G and the doors opened with a DING!
Megan inched herself along the wall of the lift, trying to avoid being seen but also see if there was anyone out there. Finally she stepped into the door way.
She heard the sound effect of a camera phone and was glad she already had her hands strategically placed over her body. It took her a second to realise that person holding the camera was her housemate Ffion, who was accompanied by Zoe and Lucy.
“What... what are you doing here?” Megan gasped.
“Well, we couldn’t go through with you actually going home naked.” Zoe replied. Next to her, Lucy held up one of Megan’s dresses. It was a summer dress that she knew the girls knew was a bit too short for her, but it was far preferable to public nudity.
“Wow, thanks! But... how did you know I would be here naked?”
“Well, I suppose everything’s out in the open now... quite literally.” Ffion said. “We know you sabotaged our clothes, and we thought that three embarrassments for us meant there had to be another one for you. Your suit was hanging in the shower room and easy to get to, and we took a chance you would be wearing your lucky knickers.”
“You did this? You sabotaged my clothes?!”
“Well, yeah, but you did it to us.” Lucy replied, “I ended up in the bookshop in my underwear, and the other two had their clothes fall apart in front of people, too!”
“But what does that have to do with me? And can I please have that dress?”
“Oh, sorry.” Lucy handed Megan the dress, “You rigged our clothes to rip.”
“No I didn’t! You did mine, though!”
“Yes, you did!”
“Luce, I can’t even sew on a button, what do you think I’d be able to do to any of your clothes?”
“But... if it wasn’t you who humiliated us all... who was it?”
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Revenge on Megan Empty Re: Revenge on Megan

on Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:15 pm
This has been my favorite of your stories so far. I like the variety of locales for wardrobe incidents, and I enjoy all the evidence that the other girls may not have been sabotaged as they thought (donuts, etc). And in the most recent part, I like how Megan's classmates shared stories of their own splits (correct me if I'm wrong but one of them seems to be inspired by that one anime scene, with the pommel horse).

Keep up the ripping good time.
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Revenge on Megan Empty Re: Revenge on Megan

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