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Karla Rodriquez and Her Three Wishes Empty Karla Rodriquez and Her Three Wishes

on Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:15 am
Hello, I thought I'd try my hand at a story, having been inspired by Blackskull's great stories.  Here we go:

(setting: somewhere over Central America)

"I'll be rich!  I'll be famous!  I'll be... I'll be..."
Karla Rodriquez, a freelance explorer and self-proclaimed archaeologist, squirmed in the passenger seat of her small airplane.  Taller than the average woman, and wider in all the right areas, Karla struggled to sit still against her restraints, both due to her size and excitement.
"You'll be dead, and me, too, if you don't stop shaking the plane!"  Miguel Del Mar, a meek little man whom Karla had hired as her pilot, tried to keep his focus on flying the rickety bush plane.  As much as Karla's boasting annoyed him, he had to keep his eyes from wandering over to her curvy form.  A thick mane of long, curly, black hair hung from her head, framing her lovely face (which either smiled with greed, or burned with unrestrained fury), and spilled passed her shoulders to her large, generous bust.  A gray button-up jacket fought against the laws of physics in order to keep her bosom contained, and the gaps between the buttons allowed a glimpse of Karla's deep cleavage, a canyon between unseen treasures.  Miguel's eyes drifted lower, past Karla's relatively narrower waist, to the generously wide hips that stretched her khaki shorts to their limit.  The explorer's take-charge, me-first attitude tended to get on Miguel's nerves, but following her lead meant he had a view of the seat of her pants, only just barely staying together to cover her luxuriously large rear end...
"There, there it is!" shouted Karla.
Miguel snapped out of his daze, stopped just short of a full panic, and realized that Karla had pointed out their destination, El Templo De Maldiciones.  In a distant clearing in the rainforest, Miguel could see the garish, ugly temple, poking its stony self straight into the air as if violating the sky.  
"It's in there, I know it is," said Karla, drooling with avarice.  "My booty is in that temple, and I bet it's not as impenetrable as they say!"
With a hard gulp, Miguel tried to focus on finding a landing zone without becoming too distracted by his employer and her fixation on... booty.

(some time later)

"Mierda!  We just saw it in the air!  How can we be lost already?"  Karla had spread a map across the ground, trying to figure out where she and her pilot were headed.
"It was the safest landing zone I could find, if there was a closer spot, I'd have taken it!"  Miguel slumped against the nearest tree trunk, exhausted.  After a long hike from their airplane, he had to put up with Karla's constant complaints for each and every millisecond in which she did not have her precious treasure in her hands.  Still, his eyes were repeatedly drawn to her beauty, and even with her unpleasant temperament, Miguel refused to abandon Karla.
"Maybe... maybe it's this way?" Karla asked herself, aloud.  She was on her hands and knees, and her perfectly round posterior was pointed right at Miguel.  "Yes... yes, my treasure is this way!  In that deep valley, between those two large, round hills!  That's where it is!"
Miguel, whose eyes had locked onto Karla's butt like a jet fighter closing in on its target, snapped himself back to reality.  He was sure that a few stitches of Karla's rear seam had popped loose, but he had work to do.  "If you say so, Boss.  If we take a reasonable pace, we should be able to reach El Templo before nightfall."
"Screw that, let's go!"  Karla grabbed her pilot by the wrist, and took off in a full sprint.  Tree branches whipped against the explorer and her pilot, but Karla, fueled by greed, did not stop, no matter how heavily her chest panted for breath.  Her mouth was open in a permanent smile, like a hyena in pursuit of its prey, and she would not stop until she had her treasure in her hands.  
"Karla, slow down, please!" pleaded Miguel.  "You'll hurt yourself!  Please, take it easy!"
She did not listen.  Karla kept running, and Miguel struggled to keep up, while his arm was stuck in Karla's death grip.  All he could do was focus on not tripping... focus on not tripping... focus on Karla's silky hair... focus on Karla's take-no-BS attitude that he secretly respected... focus on her big, round backside...
"Watch out!"  Karla jumped over the tree root, but Miguel was not so lucky.  His foot lodged under the root, and as he fell, out of instinct, he reached out for the closest support he could find... the waistband of Karla's shorts.  He faceplanted hard onto the dirt, and for a moment, all sound on planet Earth left his ears, and stars danced around his eyes.  Soon after, he regained his senses, propped himself up on his hands and knees, and looked up... to see Karla also on all fours, struggling to get upright as fast as she could.  Miguel's breath caught in his throat when he saw that Karla's shorts were around her ankles, and her full-back panties, white cotton with the classic, cartoony pattern of red hearts, were on full display.  Blushing in anger, Karla made it to her feet, then bent over to grab her shorts, at the same time, inadvertently presenting to Miguel the unforgettable sight of her butt at its roundest, stretching the thin cotton of her underwear to the point of translucence, giving a faint hint of the brown skin of her buttocks as well as the dark cleft in between...
"Okay... okay, Miguel," said Karla, only just barely restraining herself from punching out her pilot, if only because she did not know how to fly an airplane.  After a few deep breaths, her rage had left her, and a calm smile returned to her face.  She pulled her shorts up, re-buttoned them, and then extended a hand.  "We'll do it your way.  Let's take it easy..."

(later still)

Huffing and puffing for breath but unwilling to give up, Karla stood tall at the top of the stone steps of El Templo de Maldiciones, the Temple of Curses.  She bellowed a triumphant laugh, then coughed as she was still recovering from her trek up the massive flight of stairs.  "We're here," she said when her lungs allowed, "we're finally here!  We're... finally here, so I can claim my booty!"
"I'd claim your booty," muttered Miguel under his breath.  For the duration of their journey to El Templo, all he could think about was Karla's perfect behind in nothing but her underwear.  He felt as if his eyes had turned into hearts, like in classic cartoons... just like the hearts on Karla's panties...
With a loud CREEEEEAK!, Karla forced the door to the temple open, and strode inside without hesitation.  Her sense of entitlement carried her forward, ignoring the warnings plastered all over the walls in very easy-to-understand hieroglyphs, depicting explorers in khaki clothing being maimed in horrible ways by what looked like giant demons.  Miguel, too, walked into the temple with a lack of concern, though it was due to his lust clouding his judgement.  Through dark hallways lit only by little spears of sunlight poking through gaps in the decaying ceiling of the temple, Karla and her sidekick kept going until they found her precious booty, the object of her quest... a magic lamp.
"It's in here, I know it!"  Karla, her teeth bared like a hungry shark, hacked away at overgrown vines with her machete.  "The genie's lamp!  I know the legends, I know the stories the locals tell!  It was brought here by terroristas from overseas, they didn't have enough money to pay the cartels for drugs, so they exchanged goods in-kind... and one of those was the genie's lamp!  And it's here, I know it!"
"But Karla," said Miguel, no longer distracted by his employer's body if only because he could not see her in the dark, "everyone who was rumored to lay hands on that lamp got cursed!  What makes you think you'll be different?"
The greedy explorer had no time for caution or doubt.  In silence, she pressed on, her heavy boots scraping against the stones on the ground, until she came to a grand door, lit by torches.  Neither Karla nor Miguel could think of an explanation for why these torches were still lit in a supposedly abandoned and cursed temple, but Karla had no time for such trivia.  She rubbed her hands together, placed them against the door, and with her considerable strength, pushed as hard as she could.  Miguel came around to one side, ostensibly to help her with the door, but mostly so he could get a better view of her breasts in the torchlight.  As he stole occasional glances at her cleavage, Miguel pushed against the heavy door alongside Karla.  Slowly but surely, the door shuddered and then slid from its resting position.  A few buttons on Karla's jacket quit, and sprung off of her chest and against the door with loud PING's, but she paid no attention to them.  Neither did Miguel, who ignored the button that ricocheted into his forehead as he stole another peek at Karla's jugs.  With loud groaning and scraping, the door continued to move, and Karla stepped forward with her impressive lower body strength, flexing quads and calves as she put her whole body to work against the barrier separating her from her beloved treasure.  Even over the deafening noise of rock scraping against rock, Miguel was sure he heard a series of faint POP noises; a quick glance at Karla's butt confirmed his suspicions, as a few tiny but definite gaps had opened in her shorts' rear seam, exposing the white of her panties...
With one final shove, the door swung open fully, and Miguel plopped face-first onto the floor.  Karla ignored him, and stepped forward, enraptured by the beautiful sight in front of her... a gleaming, golden oil lamp, seated all alone on an altar in the center of the cavernous, empty room at the heart of the temple.
"AT LAST, IT'S MINE!"  Karla ran forward at full speed, plucked the lamp from its resting place, and clutched it against her soft bosom.  Visions of eternal wealth and undying fame danced in front of her mind's eye, while Miguel attempted to get his feet, rubbing his nose in pain.  Paying no attention to her faithful pilot, Karla vigorously rubbed the lamp, and did not stop until, with a loud CRACK and a flash of light, the genie appeared.  "Genie," demanded Karla, "I wish for-"
"Um... no.  No way.  Stop.  You, stop it."  A titanic being of unimaginable power, the genie, glowing with golden light, looked down his hooked nose at the insignificant mortal before him.  Before Karla could exhale another word, the genie cut her off.  "You, no talking.  I know your type.  You people are all the same, always wanting fame and money!  Do you not want anything else?  Why do you mortals suck so bad?  Seriously!"
"I... what?  What the crap is this?"  Karla stared, incredulous.  She refused to believe that her dream could be taken from her like this.  "Genie!  I wish for infinite, non-taxable and non-inflatable money!  And I want only positive fame, none of that tabloid crap, not even the passive-aggressive stuff!  And I wish for-"
"Ugh.  Shut up."  The genie lightly slapped Karla on the hand, causing her to recoil in shock.  "Look, dummy.  I'm not giving you money and fame.  Did you not notice the name 'The Temple of Curses' when you planned your little trip here?  Did you think magic could just solve all your problems by enabling your greedy fantasies?  And if I could make people infinitely wealthy, why isn't the whole world looking for my lamp, wishing for hunger relief or disease eradication?  Why do only the worst of humans want to find me?  Seriously, give it up!"
Karla's mouth hung open in shock as her life's goal had let her down.  "So you... you won't grant my wishes..."
"Not those crappy wishes!"  The genie looked Karla in the eye.  "If you want me to actually grant a wish, then wish for something besides satisfying your greed!"
Disappointed, Karla sulked away from the genie.  "I don't believe this..."
"Karla," said Miguel, as he tried to get to his feet, but collapsed on the floor again.  He only now realized how drained he was from the trip.  "Let's just... let's just go home..."
"This was supposed to be it.  This was supposed to be the day everything went my way..."  Not caring where she was going, Karla stumbled to the nearest wall, and then leaned against it.  She did not see the blatantly obvious warning hieroglyphs surrounding the prominent red button...
The explorer settled her weight against the wall, and her large rump was sufficient to force the button into its "on" position, with a loud THUNK!  "Oh... mierda..."
Louder than an artillery barrage, the temple's stone ceiling and walls began to collapse all around the human intruders.  With the golden lamp tucked in between her breasts, Karla started a full sprint towards the exit... but stopped at the last second.  "Second thoughts, mortal?" asked the genie.  "Did you forget something?"
"Miguel!"  Karla turned around, and to her horror, the floor had already collapsed...
"Karla!" shouted Miguel, and the explorer ran to the gaping hole in the floor, unconcerned with the rocks falling around her, and located her faithful pilot, clutching onto the edge.  She squatted down to help him up...
"Oh... that didn't sound good..."  A sudden breeze of cool air invited itself over her behind... but it was trivial.  Karla bent lower and lower, and grasped Miguel's arms.
Not caring that almost half of her panty-covered butt was exposed, Karla heaved with all of the strength in her powerful muscles, and dragged her dear pilot from the uncaring clutches of the dark abyss.  Miguel found his footing on the remains of the floor, but as soon as he was over the edge, a sudden quake knocked both mortals off of their feet.  Miguel landed on top of Karla, who landed flat on her back, with her legs straight up in the air.
Miguel helped Karla to her feet, and the two of them broke into an all out sprint, not stopping until the had passed the threshold at the entrance of the cursed temple.  The monument to greed collapsed behind them, and then the forest became silent once more... broken only by Miguel struggling to contain his laughter.
"Miguel... what's so funny?  I mean... we did just survive a near-death experience, so I get that you're giddy but... but... butt.  Right."  Karla turned and looked over her shoulder to inspect the damage.  Her khaki shorts did feel strangely loose, and her eyes confirmed what she feared, as her rear seam had opened up and the fabric had torn so much that the seat of her pants was effectively gone.  The hole in her shorts may as well have been larger than the hole left by the fallen temple.
"You could have escaped already," said the genie, "with your dignity intact.  But, you chose to save another life, at the risk of your own.  Maybe you do have a chance."
Karla looked down at the lamp, still wedged between her breasts, its tip embedded in her bra.  "Maybe... maybe I don't really want this lamp.  Yeah... I'll just... donate it to a museum or something.  I'll spread the word that the whole 'genie' thing is just a myth, like everybody else thought, so nobody will try to wish for anything."
"Are you serious?" asked Miguel.  "You'll just let it go like that?"
"We're still alive... that's what really counts."  Karla gave Miguel a hard pat on the shoulder, then pulled out her map.  "Now... let's find a way back to our plane."
The explorer unrolled her map onto the flattest section of dirt she could find, and then got down into her hands-and-knees position again, to plot a course through the jungle... and then blood rushed to the cheeks of her face when she remembered that the cheeks on her other end were not as covered as she'd have liked.  "Actually... genie, are you still there?"
"Yes, mortal?" asked the cosmic being of untold powers, who was nonetheless amused by the sight in front of him.
"You struck down my first two wishes, but do I still get the third?"
The genie sighed.  "Sure, why not.  Hit me."
"I wish my underwear wasn't showing."
"Wish granted.  Peace, mortals."  With a loud POOF, the genie disappeared.
Karla then felt an even cooler breeze of air where she should not have felt it, and she heard a sharp gasp of breath from Miguel.  With a shaky hand, she reached behind her, and felt the smooth skin of her naked butt, fully exposed and framed by her tattered and backless shorts.  Karla crumpled the map together and stood up.  "I... uh... I say we just go this way."
"After you," said Miguel, happy to let Karla lead the way, and he enjoyed the sight of her bare ass for the entire trip.  "Be careful what you wish for..."
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That's definitely one of the most unique stories I've read on any of the incarnations of the forum, thanks for writing and posting.
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Thank you for reading, I'm just happy to contribute to the forum after all these years.
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