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on Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:15 pm
This was the third chapter, after "Girls At Work" and "Girls At Play", but I don't think I have those saved anywhere.

Emma got the text from Asha to say she was running late just as she got to the classroom. She held Sophia back and the two of them hovered in the corridor as the crowds of students thinned and just as they thought they were out of time, they heard the clacking of heels on the stairs. A moment later, their friend rounded the corridor. Asha hurried along, still stuffing books into her bag. She had on a pair of black trousers and a sleeveless teal jumper, with a shiny Sixth Form badge pinned to it.
“Am I late?” she puffed, slowing as she reached her friends.
“No, you’re okay.” Sophia replied, holding a hand to steady Asha and prevent her collapsing. Sophia’s own outfit was a light grey trousers and jacket, with a white pinstriped blouse. Her badge was also pinned to her lapel.
“She isn’t even here yet, is she?” Asha sighed.
“Nope.” Emma smiled, her backside wiggling in her navy skirt as she led the way into the room, her own badge attached to a long-sleeved white blouse. The three girls walked round desks full of other students until they reached their own seats, most of the way to the front and to the side of the classroom. “She’s never on time for her Monday morning lessons.” She nodded towards the teacher’s empty desk. The three girls lowered themselves into their chairs.
There was a pause. The girls looked at each other.
“Who...” Sophia began, “Was that me?”
“I don’t know...” Asha gulped. “I thought it was me.”
“It was one of us.” Emma added. She heard a voice behind them giggling. “And I think we’ve been noticed.” She turned round to see a slim blonde girl sitting behind them. “Kelsey?”
“Yeah, I noticed.” Kelsey smiled. “And I just have to say- Care Bears? Really?”
“What?” Emma frowned. She wasn’t wearing... she turned to her right, where Asha was looking shocked.
“Care Bears...” Asha groaned. Her fingers went to the seat of her trousers, to find it split open and her old knickers stretched tight across her backside clearly visible. Her head collapsed down onto the desk. “I split my favourite trousers.”
The split raced up the rest of the seam, snapping through the waistband. Her trousers began to peel away from her rear like an open banana.
“Okay, you probably can’t repair that.” Emma said.
“Good morning, class.” Miss Hoxton walked in behind them. The young teacher was wearing a light brown short skirt and white blouse. She had a pair of sunglasses on her nose, and her brown hair was tied back in a ponytail. She made her way to her desk and sat in her chair. “Okay, who did the homework?” the pupils raised their hands. “Great. Who wants to talk us through their thoughts... Emma?”
Emma pushed her chair back and stood up.
The slider of her skirt zip caught on the back of her chair, and as she stood it was forced downwards, opening her skirt and bringing her red and white polka-dot thong, along with quite a lot of her backside, into full view of everyone behind her.
“No!” Emma gasped to the assorted giggling of her classmates. She grabbed the slider and tugged at it. “Come on...” it held fast, still open. She tugged harder.
The zip came up, but as it did the seam alongside it tore open and despite getting zipped, Emma found herself no better off than before. She held her hands over her exposed flesh.
“Emma?” the teacher looked up inquisitively.
“Er... I’m having a bit of an issue.” Emma replied, blushing.
“Well, you can sort it out after you come up to the board.”
“Well... I can’t...” Emma still took a step to the side of her chair.
“Oh, no.” Emma felt the rip move downwards, past the bottom of the zip, down towards her thighs. “I can’t...” she saw a piece of paper on the desk next to her, had a quick idea to use it to hide her embarrassment. She grabbed it, but the paper slipped between her fingers and fluttered towards the floor. Instinctively she reached down for it.
The split shot down the rest of the seam, easily but loudly, and the Emma saw her skirt suddenly come free from her legs, now hanging on only from a single button at her waist, flapping in front of her.
“What on earth...?” Miss Hoxton glanced over the top of her glasses as Emma squirmed, trying to hide her entire backside with her hands. “What happened to your skirt?”
“It might have been a bit... too tight.” Emma gasped.
“Really?” the teacher sighed. “Come up to the front, Emma.”
“But, Miss...”
“I know, everyone can see your bum. You can go get changed in a minute.” Emma reluctantly stood in front of the class, trying to hold her skirt over her front and praying the button held.
“Now,” Miss Hoxton began, “this school has a uniform code for a reason, and it does specifically prohibit wearing clothes that are too tight. And not just because of the boys leering at you, but to prevent you getting yourselves into situations like these. Now some of you do dress sensibly... Asha, you usually wear appropriate clothes, come and stand up here.”
“M...me, Miss?” Asha gulped.
“Yes, let’s see what a student who is dressed appropriately looks like. Stand up.”
Asha turned pale, but recognised the opportunity to help her friend. She stood up.
The class burst out laughing as her Care Bears knickers came into view, bulging out of the split in her trousers.
“What’s going on?” Miss Hoxton looked confused, she peered around at the laughing students, the ones who had young siblings had begun to sing the Care Bears theme song. Asha turned around to show her rear to the teacher, and Miss Hoxton slapped her hand against her forehead. “Both of you?! I give up, you can both come back here at 4 and write why you should not dress like that. Go and sit down, Emma.”
“Thank you, Miss.” Emma sighed, relieved. She started to walk back to her seat.
Miss Hoxton felt something land on her shoe, she glanced down to see a navy blue skirt button. Looking up again, she saw Emma struggling to hold the ruined skirt against her body as she made her way back to her chair.
“Now, perhaps we can get on with the lesson. Sophia, maybe you can actually shed some light on the reading I asked you to do.”
“Yes, Miss.” Sophia replied. She slipped her jacket off as she stood up. Unfortunately, she stood just as Emma was squeezing behind her chair. The back of the chair bumped into Emma’s stomach, causing her to drop her skirt. She then bent over to get it, her backside stuck out and in turn bumped Sophia’s backside, causing her to fall across the desk. The tail of her blouse came untucked from her trouser waistband, and without realising it Sophia put her hand down on it as she pushed herself upright again. She did realise as her buttons were pulled open, revealing her white lacy bra to the rest of the class. “Oh, no!” she cried, crossing her arms.
“Sorry, babe!” Emma gasped, still on the floor holding her skirt, which Sophia was now standing on. Sophia realised this and took a step to the side, not noticing her handbag on the floor until the strap tangled around her feet. Struggling to pull herself free, Sophia only managed to pull one of her own shoes off before she fell, catching a handful of books, papers and pens from the desk and bringing them down on top of her.
“Oof! Ow!” Sophia exclaimed as the contents of the desk landed on and around her. Dusting herself off, she eased herself back upright.
“Oh, no.”
“Oh for goodness sake!” Miss Hoxton exclaimed at the sight of Sophia’s plain white cotton panties through the rip that had just opened up in her trousers. Sophia straightened up slowly, as if she could not believe what had just happened to her. “That’s it!” the teacher got to her feet. “You three are all coming back here to write exactly what is wrong with dressing in clothes that don’t fit, and don’t even think of asking if you can go and get changed now, you can sit there with your bums out for the rest of this lesson!” she picked up a ruler and pointed at the girls for emphasis, “Now I am going to teach you something if it kills me!” At this she flung the ruler onto her desk, where it rebounded, flew into her breast and then bounced to the floor. “Don’t even think about laughing!” she glared at the class as she bent to grab the ruler.
“Oh, s**t” Miss Hoxton swore to herself. The class launched into laughter once again, and the ones who were close enough to see who was emblazoned across the teacher’s bikini panties started a chorus of “Let It Go”.
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