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3d Pant Splits Empty 3d Pant Splits

on Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:20 pm
I was trying to think how I could contribute.  I like SP, but I like other things, too.  HB, wedgies, ENF, catfights, messy stuff.  I decided to go through my DeviantArt account, where there are lots of pictures of all these things, pick out the SP types, and upload them to another folder for you guys.

There's usually lots of context--SP is caused by bending or squatting in a few of them.  A split skirt is caused by a prankster who shot a fishhook into the rear seam, and unravels it as she winds in the line.  Other SP's here are caused by dogs, lasers, tasers, and magic, depending on the scene.

If you desire to know the greater context of these, you'll have to look at my DA page.  Most of the content is well-organized into fodlers.  "Enferia" means it's medieval fantasy stuff.  At the end of that list are the more modern scenes.

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