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on Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:47 pm
I have five stories currently on the go, but they all tend to balloon out of control and take me ages to finish, so here's my attempt at knocking out a quick story:

“Hurry up, Gwen!” Summer called from ahead of her, racing into the park. Summer, appropriately, loved whenever the weather got hot and had insisted they go to the park today. She was dressed in a pair of blue denim shorts and a white vest top telling anyone who read it to ‘just keep swimming’, her curled auburn hair bounced behind her as she ran.
“I’m right behind you!” Gwen called. I can’t believe I’m jealous of a sixteen-year-old Gwen thought. The arrival of hot weather had caught Gwen off-guard, and she had been left searching through her wardrobe for something to wear, eventually settling on a pair of black shorts and a maroon t-shirt, both of which she had not worn since last year and left her wishing she had managed to diet at all since then as she struggled into them this morning. Gwen’s hair, originally blonde but since her first year at college now dyed an experimental pink, was cut short and spiky and she had a pair of round-rimmed glasses that she thought made her look bookish and cute in class, but outside made her wish she had prescription sunglasses as well rather than have to squint to see anything.
“She’s keen, isn’t she?” Summer’s sister Autumn (her parents must have been disappointed not to have had four children, Gwen always thought) shared the same colouring as her sister, but her hair was tied up in a floral headband and she wore a pair of black leggings and a floaty, floral top.
“Hard to believe she’ll be off to college next year, as well.” Gwen replied. “But then, we’ve been there for a year now.”
“Yeah, it’s weird.” Autumn agreed as they sat on a bench. “Seems like just yesterday we were still in school together. Forgetting our PE kits!”
“Now, that’s something I still haven’t forgiven you for.” Gwen said, “You got away with forgetting your kit,” here she did air-quotes, “and got out of doing PE, like, a million times. The one time I genuinely forget it I end up playing netball in my bra and knickers!”
“Hey, you shouldn’t have tried it with Mr Richards.” Autumn said, giggling, “You should have known he’d take any excuse to get you in your pants!”
Gwen smiled at the embarrassing memory, shaking her head. In front of them, Summer had met up with a group of her friends and they were laughing, throwing a Frisbee around.
“What about you, in the infamous flying debacle?” Gwen suggested, “You were definitely the highlight of the school play.”
“I told them to attach it to me, and not just to my dress.” Autumn said, “It was as if they didn’t know what would happen if they attach a strong wire to a flimsy costume, put me on stage, and pull the wire very hard.”
“Oh, I think they knew exactly what would happen.” Gwen said. They watched as one of Summer’s friends threw the Frisbee to her. The younger girl caught it awkwardly, falling to the ground as she did. They wondered for a moment if she was hurt, then realised the look on the girl’s face was shock. Summer gestured to her friends that she would be back in a minute, then jogged over to her sister.
“What’s up?” Autumn asked.
“I split my shorts!” Summer replied. “Do you have a pin on you?”
“No, why would I?” Autumn replied. “How bad are they ripped?”
Summer turned round, exposing a large hole in the back of her shorts which revealed the top of a pink thong and a large amount of her naked backside.
“Oh, my god!” Gwen exclaimed, “You can see your whole bum!”
“I suppose we’d better head home and get you something else to wear.” Autumn said, standing up.
“Okay, I’ll see you back here.” Summer replied.
“Wait, what?”
“I’m not going to waste this great day going home again!” Summer replied, “Plus, I won’t get any tanlines on my ass!”
“Can you believe her?” Autumn sighed, shaking her head.
“Your sister has no shame.” Gwen shrugged.
“Hey, look over there.” Autumn pointed off to the side.
“That’s Darren, the guy you had a crush on for five years.”
“I did not... wait, yeah, I don’t need to deny it to you.”
“Let’s go over and say hi!”
“What? We can’t!”
“Sure we can!” Autumn was already striding off to the group of guys, standing near a kiosk selling drinks and ice cream. Gwen hurried to follow her, mentally going over her appearance and wishing she’d had time to make herself look cuter.
“Hi!” Autumn said cheerily when they got closer to the guys.
“Oh, hi.” One of them said, half-turning. Gwen kept quiet, but raised her hand in a half-wave.
There was an awkward pause.
“You know what? I’m just going to get an ice-cream.” Gwen said, sighing. She fished some coins out of her pocket and turned to the kiosk.
A couple of coins slipped from her fingers, landing on the paving below. Gwen quickly bent to grab them, at the same moment as Autumn succeeded in getting Darren’s attention to them.
Gwen let out a squeal of alarm as she felt a catastrophic loosening around the seat of her shorts. The rear seam opened up from top to bottom, and wide enough to give a perfect view of her white Minnie Mouse knickers.
“No!” Gwen exclaimed, feeling the edges of the split with her fingers, “No no no no no!” Her cheeks turned red as she realised that she now definitely had everyone’s attention. “I’ve got to go!” she gasped, placing both hands over her backside and dashing away.
“Hey, wait for me!” Autumn shouted, jogging after her. She caught up with her friend back at the bench.
“I don’t believe it!” Gwen cried, “That was the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me!”
“Oh, it can’t be. Remember that time when...”
“Not now, Autumn.”
“Okay. But come on, it’s just a bit of fleeting embarrassment. You’ll only be on YouTube for a couple of months...”
“Be on what?!”
“What did you think that guy was doing with his phone?”
“Oh my god!”
“Do you want to head back and change?”
“Yes. Into jogging trousers. And then sit and eat a lot of ice cream.”
“Okay.” Autumn turned to her sister, “Hey, Summer, we’re heading off.”
“Okay.” Summer called back. Gwen wondered how she didn’t mind her own exposure, she had already seen Summer posing for photos exposing her rear. How did a girl like that manage to be okay, but Gwen was so embarrassed she thought her cheeks would never not be burning red? Maybe she just needed to relax a bit...
“You know what? Let’s stay for a bit.” Gwen said.
“Yeah, I mean, that’s probably the most humiliating thing that’s going to happen to me today, and walking back to your house would probably result in a lot more people seeing me anyway.”
“All right then. Maybe we can go and get that ice cream now?”
“Yeah... let’s wait until the guys have moved on.”
“Good call. We don’t want things to get any worse, do we?”
“Absolutely not.” Gwen agreed, sitting down on the bench again.
“Uh-oh.” Gwen gasped. “I think I just split my knickers...”
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