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on Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:15 pm
The girls had gone straight to the hotel when they arrived in town, but they woke up early the next morning ready to get to the convention.
Aisha was the most excited, she had spent weeks before the convention sculpting her costume; a replica of the new Iron Man costume worn by Riri Williams in Marvel comics. And as Lisa stepped out of the shower she saw Aisha, dressed in grey briefs adorned with comic book “Bam!” “Pow!” and “Zap!”s, rooting around in their pile of bags.
“What are you doing?” Lisa asked.
“Oh, hey, good.” Aisha barely looked up from her search, “Where’s my big blue bag, with my costume in it?”
“I don’t know, you put it in the car.”
“No I didn’t, I thought you did.”
“I definitely didn’t. Chloe?”
“Mm?” the girl in the bed nearest the wall raised her head an inch off the pillow.
“Where’s Aisha’s costume? Did you put it in the car?”
“No, I haven’t seen it.”
“Oh, great.” Aisha exclaimed, slumping down in a heap. “It got left behind.”
“Okay, maybe. But you said this was just a test-run, and you really want it for San Diego next month.”
“Yeah, but I was definitely going to win the costume competition here. And I don’t have anything else to wear.”
“Relax, I’ll nip down to the convention, find one of the stalls selling costumes, and I’ll be right back. You’ll be fine.” Lisa left the room, closing the door behind her.
A moment later, there was a frantic knock at the door, and Aisha opened it to let Lisa back in.
“I’ll just get dressed first.” Lisa said, holding her towel up.

Half an hour later, Lisa presented the costume to Aisha, who did not look impressed at the black and purple bodysuit.
“Really? Batgirl?” she said.
“They didn’t have as much choice as I thought.” Lisa explained. “It was basically this or a green muscle-suit.”
“Which would still be the wrong colour,” Aisha pointed out, “Batgirl’s white. I ain’t.”
“So you’re in an alternate reality.”
“I’m in the wrong universe, you two are both being Marvel. I should just wear jeans and a t-shirt.”
“No, that would be lame! Come on, get dressed, we’ll still have fun.”

A few minutes later, Aisha was exiting the bathroom, struggling with a yellow plastic belt.
“This damn thing won’t stay...” she was distracted as she caught sight of Chloe in her costume, “Woah, that’s tight!”
“Tight as in slang for good?” Chloe asked.
“No, tight as in I can see your nipples.”
Chloe blushed, looking down at her green bodysuit with a gold bird design across the front. It was true the girl was poured into it, the lycra stretched just short of turning transluscent.
“It’s comic-accurate.” Chloe shrugged. She picked up a long red wig from the bed and tucked it over her short, spiky blonde hair. When she was done she was the image of Jean Grey, the Phoenix from X-Men comics.
Lisa stood up from where she had been sat on the floor by the mirror finishing her make-up. Her blonde hair was tied up with a pink alice band, although she still had a mask ready to cover her head and turn herself into Spider-Gwen.
“Comics drawn exclusively by a man, sure.” She replied, “But hey- lycra is sexy on everyone.”
“At least you two have decent costumes,” Aisha lamented, “the stitching on this is terrible, it might not last through the day.”
“In that case, we’d better get started.” Chloe said, taking her friend by the arm and leading her towards the door.

At the door of the convention, they were met by a cute girl in a figure-hugging Harley Quinn bodysuit, wearing a staff pass around her neck.
“Hi, welcome.” She beamed, “Great to have you here. That’s a great Phoenix costume. Wow, don’t see many Spider-Gwens...” her eyes shifted to Aisha, “And Batgirl, too.”
“Yeah, I know.” Aisha tugged at the flimsy, cheap outfit. “I had a much cooler costume planned.”
“Don’t worry about it, I got this thing really cheaply, just up the road.”
“Oh, yeah.”
“It looks good.”
“I added the frills at the wrists, and the make-up does a lot. But the suit itself cost next to nothing.”
“Oh, cool. So I don’t need to worry about my costume?”
“No, as long as you pull it off you’ll be just fine.”
“No problem.” Harley finished handing out maps and tickets to the girls from a stack of them. As she went to put them back on the table she missed, and the papers fell across the floor. Harley quickly bent to pick them up.
As the girl’s rear, clad in white lacy shorts, came bursting out of the seat of her cheap costume, Chloe and Lisa stifled laughter. But Aisha had a terrible portent of what might be to come.

“Ooh, I want to meet Karen Gillan!” Lisa exclaimed, looking at her booklet.
“Only because you have a massive crush on her.” Chloe added.
“Well, yeah.” Lisa shrugged. “And there’s a panel on the Marvel films, that could be fun.”
“Which she will also be at.” Chloe pointed out, “And when they ask if anyone in the audience has questions, you have got to stop asking her what underwear she has under the Nebula costume.”
“I’ll stop when she gives me a straight answer.”
“We could check out some of the art shows.” Aisha suggested, looking up from her own booklet. She looked down a crowded aisle at people in front of booths, buying collectables and comics. Suddenly a voice came from behind them,
“Oh my god, Spider-Gwen!” the girls turned to see a girl dressed in a red and yellow bodysuit with a black wig, accompanied by a girl in a white and black suit with long red hair, both recognisable as different Spider-Women.
“Hi!” Lisa beamed, “Spider-Woman and Spider-woman!”
“We have to get a picture!” the girl in black said, “This is great.”
At their urging, Chloe held the camera and the three Spider-themed heroines stood together and smiled.
“You need to pose a bit.” Chloe said, “Try and look like the characters a bit more.”
The girls thought for a moment, then adopted various action poses like they had come from a comic book cover. Lisa held one hand out in a web-shooting motion, and dropped into a crouch.
Chloe managed to capture in the photo the exact moment Lisa realised her suit had split. She stood up cautiously, and turned around to check the damage. Chloe took another quick photo for good measure, as Lisa looked aghast at the ripped-open back seam of her costume, and the tiny pink thong she was wearing underneath it.
As the other Spider-Women walked off laughing, checking their photos, Lisa tried to tug her costume back together, but the lycra refused to stretch that far any more.
“Oh, this isn’t good.” She wailed.
“Well, maybe now Karen Gillan will notice you, at least.” Aisha shrugged.
“I think I need to go back to the room and change, or put on a jacket or something.”
“Not a chance. You made me come here in this cheap outfit, and now you’re going to enjoy the rest of the day even with your bum sticking out.”
“Hey, there’s no line at the booth selling anime wigs.” Chloe suddenly announced, “Come on!”
Chloe hurried off, Aisha right behind her. Lisa gulped, tried to ignore the sound of camera phones clicking all around her, and followed slightly awkwardly.
“What do you think?” Chloe had already swapped her own red wig for a straight, bright pink one.
“Oh, that’s you.” Aisha replied, tucking her curly black hair into a blue bob wig. “And me?”
“Oh, definitely.” Chloe pulled off the pink wig and tried a green. “How about this?”
“It clashes with your suit.” Lisa pointed to Chloe’s green costume.
“You’re right. Maybe something in a lighter colour?” she replaced the green with a blonde curly wig.
“Better.” Aisha agreed.
“I should get a load of these and change them every day.” Chloe smiled. “But I can’t pay the sort of prices they have here. Where my red one I came in with?”
The girls looked at the pile of wigs spread across the table.
“Hey, here-“ Lisa grabbed at the wig, but caused others to slip from the table onto the floor. “Whoops!”
“I’ll get them, you can’t afford to bend over any more in that outfit.” Chloe smiled, reaching down to the floor.
Chloe stopped smiling as she felt a distinct draft at the seat of her outfit.
“Was that... what I think it was?” she gasped.
Lisa and Aisha smiled and nodded in reply.
“Oh, no.” Chloe slowly stood up again, feeling how badly her outfit was torn, and finding the thin cotton material of her translucent white knickers.

As the day wore on, Aisha found herself relaxing. Mostly because whenever she got self-conscious about her cheap costume, she slowed down to walk behind her friends and see how their expensive custom-made suits had left both of them with exposed behinds.
The three of them spent the morning checking out booths and art, and agreed in the afternoon that they would do all the meet-and-greets with the celebrities that were attending.
“But first, we’ve got the MCU panel to see.” Aisha reminded them.
“Of course. Shoot, it’s on in like ten minutes.” Lisa replied, “Do you think there’ll be a big queue to get in?”
“Well, you see how people are resting against that wall over there,” Chloe pointed, “all along the side of the hall?”
“That’s the line.”
“We’ll never get in.”
“Don’t worry, I’ve been to this place before.” Chloe smiled, “It’s in Hall A, but what a lot of people don’t know is that joins to Hall B. We can sneak in, before anyone else.”
“That seems unethical.”
“If we don’t do it, you’ll never find out what Karen had under her leather.”
“Okay, let’s do this.”
Looking around, the three girls checked no one was watching, and slipped into Hall B. Another panel had just finished, and a crowd of fans dressed in Doctor Who-related outfits were streaming out. The girls stuck close to the wall, and managed to get around them.
“Right, which way?” Aisha asked.
“To the back of the room.” Chloe replied. “But act casual.” She kept an eye on the stage at the front, where a staffer dressed as Batman was sweeping a broom across the floor. She motioned for the girls to loiter around a door with a “no entry” sign as the last of the previous crowd exited. At the same moment, the staffer turned away from them.
“Go!” Chloe whispered, and the girls slipped through the door.
“Where are we?” Lisa asked, seeing they had found themselves not in the hall but in a narrow corridor.
“Service corridor.” Chloe replied, “We just need to go through...” she closed her eyes, visualising the layout of the halls, then pointed to a door right behind Aisha, “that door.”
Aisha turned, and pushed at the door.
“It’s stuck.” She said.
“No, I think there’s just something blocking the other side. Give me a hand.”
As the three girls gathered around the door, they heard a voice over a loudspeaker,
“It’s about to start!” Lisa hissed.
“Almost got it...” Aisha said, seeing the door begin to shift and light coming in from the other side.
Aisha suddenly found herself tumbling through the door. As she did, the Infinity War standee that had been blocking the door scraped against her side, snagging her cheap suit in several places. Aisha felt herself falling forward, and felt a loosening of the material around her, as well as the sound of stitches popping and fabric ripping.
As she fell on to her front, Aisha became aware of two things.
One, was that the door they had been entering was actually located directly on the stage that thousands of people were sitting and watching.
Two, was that she was no longer wearing her costume, but was instead dressed in her comic-book knickers and white bra, her outfit having torn off on the standee.
The crowd went wild, whooping and cheering, as Aisha got to her feet, covered herself as best she could, and dashed for the exit, down the aisle past the hysterical fans.
On the stage, Karen Gillan turned to Scarlett Johansson.
“You know, I wore a pair just like that under the Nebula costume.” She whispered.
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Awesome story Blackskull as usual and a great setting. Having been to comic-con a couple of times I've always hoped that I'd catch a girl splitting her costume and exposing her knickers. Last year I saw a girl posing for photo-shoots in a perilously tight pencil skirt that was so close to splitting with all her anime type poses I couldn't believe that it held out as long as it did.
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