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Robyn's interview Empty Robyn's interview

on Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:11 pm
Robyn swore quietly under her breath, took a deep breath and pulled her stomach in as much as she could as she tugged at her trouser button once more. She wished she had checked her suit still fitted earlier, but now it was five minutes before she had to leave and she was still struggling to get dressed.
Suddenly, somehow, she managed to slide the button into its hole, and tug the zip up. With that done, Robyn turned to look in her full-length mirror. Her strawberry-blonde hair had been cut into a cute bob yesterday, and her subtle make-up was, she had to admit, perfect. The only issue was her clothes. Robyn had not tried to wear her trousers suit since her university interview and although she had not noticed herself putting on weight, now at age twenty-three she saw that it was straining at the seams. Her tight black suit was paired with a plain white blouse, also gaping between the buttons, but she hoped it was not too noticeable. She attempted to pull her jacket closed, but knew straight away it was not going to go. She poked ruefully at her slightly chubby belly and pouted at herself in the mirror, then turned round to examine the rear view. She gasped as she saw her round buttocks, sticking out towards the mirror, coming close to bursting out of her suit trousers.
Her mobile phoned buzzed on her dressing table- the alarm she had set to tell her the last possible moment when she had to set out. Groaning, Robyn grabbed her handbag, stuffed her phone into it, and set out.

Luckily Robyn’s flat was only a few streets from the underground station, she was able to make the journey on foot in less than five minutes and totter down the stairs into the station. The combination of her overly tight outfit and her high heels made her move awkwardly, but she kept reassuring herself that her suit would stretch out a bit soon. Still, she decided to stand for the train journey rather than risk sitting down just yet.
The train lurched into movement, Robyn stumbled and almost fell, knocking against the door. She quickly reached up to grab an overhead handle.
She looked under her arm to see where her jacket had torn, revealing three inches of her white blouse. She wondered if it would be possible to keep that arm to her side for the duration of the interview.
Fifteen minutes and one train change later, Robyn left the train and headed up the escalator back into the open air. She risked checking the torn underarm of her jacket, but found more stitches pop open at her touch and decided it was best not to.
A light rain was beginning to fall, so Robyn hurried to a nearby map mounted by a bus stop. She knew roughly where she was heading, but wanted to make sure she was not about to waste time going in the wrong direction. She placed one finger on the map and bent to look closer as she traced her path.
Robyn straightened up, wondering what the tearing noise had been. Fighting the blush rising up her face, Robyn ran her fingers over her trouser seat, expecting to find a rip opened up. To her surprise she felt the seam, stretched tight but still intact.
Awkwardly, Robyn reached over her shoulder. As her hand reached the back of her jacket, she felt the ragged edges of the seam, where her jacket had split. Reaching lower with her other hand, she confirmed that the split had torn right up the length of the garment.
“Oh, crap!” Robyn hissed, wondering what to do. Could she go to the interview in just her trousers and blouse, with no jacket? Was that better or worse than a ripped jacket? She decided to take the jacket off, and drape it over her arm. That way it would be clear that she was wearing a suit, but hopefully she would just look casual.
Unfortunately, the light rain was intensifying and before Robyn was halfway down the street her blouse had become soaked and her white and pink bra was becoming clearly visible. She held her bag and jacket over her front as best she could and hoped that it might dry out, or at least not turn completely transparent.
After what seemed like far too long, Robyn found the building she was looking for. She pushed open the heavy glass door and stepped into a reception area. Blinking rain out of her eyes, she brushed her soaked hair back and attempted to make herself look presentable.
A blonde girl was sitting behind the reception desk, watching Robyn tidy herself up. Eventually she spoke up.
“Can I help you?”
“Oh, yes...” Robyn stepped closer to the desk, “I’m Robyn Smith, I have an interview today?”
“I see.” The receptionist looked at a sheet of paper on a clipboard, “Yes, with Nicole. She was expecting you at ten.”
Robyn raised her eyebrows in surprise and looked at her watch. She was shocked to find she was now a full ten minutes late.
“I’m sorry...” she started to say, lowering her arm again,
A button flew from Robyn’s blouse, narrowly missing the receptionist’s head, and exposing the pink bow on the front of Robyn’s blouse.
“Oh, my...” the receptionist gasped as the site of Robyn’s cleavage.
“Sorry!” Robyn repeated.
“Ahem.” The receptionist looked down at her clipboard again, “Go through the door there, fourth on the right, room A9.”
“Thanks.” One hand over her chest, Robyn hurried away from the desk and through the door indicated.
Finding door A9, Robyn knocked quickly. The door was opened almost immediately by a brunette woman not much older than Robyn.
“Hi, Nicole?”
“Yes, hello.” The woman who opened the door replied, “You must by Robyn.”
“Sorry I’m so late. It was... the trains were delayed, and... well...”
“Don’t worry about it, come in.” Nicole stood back to let Robyn into a room with a desk, one empty chair on the far side and four chairs on the near side, three of which were occupied.
“We were just doing some introductions, you’re in time for the harder questions.” Nicole said. “Please, have a seat.”
Robyn went to the empty seat on the far left of the group, and lowered herself into it.
She froze, halfway into the seat. This time she knew exactly what the noise had been, confirmed by the loosening of her trousers around the seat. The girl sitting in the next chair looked her way, beginning to smile.
“Did you just...” the girl whispered.
“Oh, no...” Robyn dropped the rest of the way into the chair.
She looked down in increasing dismay as the button on the front of her trousers gave up and went flying somewhere under the desk.
“Oh my god...” Robyn groaned.
“Is everything okay, Robyn?” Nicole asked.
“Er... sure.” Robyn tried to smile. She crossed one leg over the other to try and hide the burst button.
Robyn looked down at a split racing down the outside thigh of her crossed leg, exposing an oval of pale skin.
“Having some difficulties with your trousers?” Nicole smiled.
“Yeah, maybe a bit.” Robyn tried to smile back but her cheeks were burning red.
“Are you going to be okay to continue?”
“Oh, yes, sure.” Robyn tried to act casual. She uncrossed her legs, but realised as she did that the zip on her trousers had burst open, exposing blue cotton underneath. She tried to rest her hands in her lap and hide this newest wardrobe malfunction.
“If you’re sure.” Nicole looked at the papers spread on the desk. “I don’t think I have your CV here, did you bring a copy with you?”
“I did.” Robyn replied, looking to see where she had put her bag. She realised she had dropped it just behind her chair, so she got up and bent over to reach inside.
Gasps and giggling from the other interviewees suddenly reminded her of the split in her trousers- with the newest holes that had opened up she had forgotten about it, but she suddenly realised she had exposed her light blue panties decorated with white and pink cartoon fish.
“Oh, god.” Robyn groaned as she realised that she had just mooned the rest of the room. She quickly stood up, holding her CV over the split in her trousers. “Maybe I could, actually, do this another time?”
“I think that would be best.” Nicole replied, “We’ll e-mail you the next date you can attend.”
“Okay, thanks.” Robyn said, backing away.
“But, do you want to leave your CV?” Nicole suggested, gesturing to the paper Robyn was holding.
“Oh, of course.” Robyn took the paper from covering her backside and dropped it on the desk. She replaced it with both hands as she continued to back out of the room.
Robyn’s focus was so much on covering her backside that this time she forgot the button and zip had burst, until she felt too late that her trousers were slipping down her legs. When she realised she did not have a chance to grab at them before they fell around her ankles, tangled her up and tripped her, sending her flying to the carpet.
To the outright laughter of the rest of the room, Robny scrambled to her feet, grabbed her bag from where she had dropped it, and fled the room.
She was back at reception before she realised two things- one, the fall had caused the rest of the buttons to pop from her blouse, and two, she had left her trousers behind on the interview room floor.
“Oh, wow.” The receptionist exclaimed as she saw her. “What happened to you?”
“My clothes... sort of fell apart on me.” Robyn gasped.
“That’s... wow. You’d better come behind the desk.”
Robyn sat down on a swivel chair next to the girl.
“This is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened.” Robyn said, looking in her bag for her phone.
“It’s quite extreme.” The girl replied, “I thought I was having bad luck.” She gestured to her pencil skirt, which Robyn could now see was torn up the back to expose a white thong.
Robyn held the phone to her ear. After a moment her housemate picked up. “Maisie, I need you to meet me at the interview, the address is on the fridge. It didn’t... exactly go well.” Robyn looked down at her half-naked body again, “Bring some sweatpants.”
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