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What They Deserve (Pt. 1)....
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Her skin was a subtle shade of chocolate, and she had beautiful hazel-coloured eyes. Her hair was curly and wild, with golden-brown highlights. The only thing more attractive than her face was her gorgeous shape. Her plump rear turned every man's (and some womens') head, not only for it's size, but it's shape as well. Carashae wasn't a plump woman, but she had beautifully shaped legs, like a runner, large breasts that stuck up and out so well that most people swore that they were fake, and a posterior that would make Jennifer Lopez jealous. All this, and a very small waist! What more could anyone else ask for? That's what Carashae thought all the time.

"d**n mass transit!", Carashae thought as she waited for her train to arrive. "I could've been Downtown already!" Just as soon as she finished drinking her coffee, her train showed up at the station. "About time..." were the words she muttered out as the doors opened. She quickly walked on board, knowing that she couldn't run in heels, especially these 5-inch high heels that are usually reserved for dates and special occasions. Carashae had a lunch date today, and she didn't want to disappoint.... even though it's hard for a woman like her to disappoint any man.

As Carashae got on the train, she remembered to sit down slowly - with good reason - so she might avoid the inevitable. Her dark grey pants were already bursting at the seams while she was standing. She was at danger of destroying these pants with her sultry walk, especially with those heels on. "Can't be too careful...", she thought, without watching where she sat. About half an hour later, Carashae's day would get off to a horrible start. As she got off the train at her station, she quickly felt the seams of her pants to make sure that they were still intact - or at least hadn't fell totally apart yet, since they had already slightly ripped apart. She felt some type of sticky substance which was stuck to her rear almost as much as her pants were. "Dammit!" She said, as some teenage boys who sat behind her started laughing. Carashae was furious, and she started to say something to them, but the train doors opened, and she got off.

As she got to her office, she was amazed - and everyone she passed was too - that her pants hadn't split open under the stress of her walk. Carashae's friend, an older - but quite sexy - woman named Lashay came over to Carashae's desk.

"What do you think?" Lashay asked, turning around slowly so her voluptuous rear would be the center of attention.
"I think you should stop painting your pants on." Carashae replied.
"You're just jealous that I'm this age and still got it going on." Lashay exclaimed.
"Uh, you're 42..."
"Exactly. Most women my age don't know how to work what they've got."
Now, mind you, Lashay is a very attractive older woman with more curves than the Mississippi River. But her downfall is that she tries to act and dress like she's 22 instead of 42. She hasn't learned her lesson yet....
"What happened back there?" Lashay asked, pointing to
the gum on Carashae's pants.
"What does it look like?" Carashae said with a sarcastic tone.
"Need any help getting it off?" said Lashay, halfway enthusiatically.
"Uh, no.... thanks anyway." Carashae sheepishly said, with a face that showed embarassment and flattery at the same time.
With that, Lashay left, walking with extra switch in her step, making sure that Carashae and anyone who was watching would be turned on immediately. Lashay's firm rear showed no evidence of a panty line, and those pants were way too cheap to hold up during the day.
"Those pants won't make it to Noon." thought Carashae, not knowing that she would be in a predicament of her own soon enough. As Carashae watched Lashay walk to her desk, she noticed that Lashay dropped an earring. Before she could say anything, Lashay noticed and bent over to pick it up.


Lashay froze for a second and checked the back of her pants. The cheap and thin polyester was no match for her posterior. She couldn't even say anything. She was hoping that no one heard the noise, but that didn't happen. Everyone in the office was watching Lashay's face of horror - and more importantly, her bare bottom that's been widely exposed and released from her pants.

"She'll just sew them up.... she thinks she looks too good in them." Carashae thought, while she was trying to remove the gum off of her pants.

Carashae was "partially" successful, just a little bit of pink left on her dark grey dress pants, which, like Lashay's pants, were pretty cheap and were ready to collapse at any moment. Her back seam already showed signs of failure from the crotch halfway up her bum. She couldn't put anything in her back pockets because that would greatly increase the risk of major rippage (nothing could fit back there anyway).

As she sat down in her chair, Carashae forgot about her pants, still busy thinking about Lashay's comedic dilemma.


She quickly got back up and checked for trouble in the back. No doubt, there was.... and her lunch date was coming up soon. She tried to make sure that she didn't sit down for the remainder of the day, but that, of course didn't work.

More of Carashae's seams started to fail, as there was no major split yet. The exposed white seams on her dark grey pants gave it away, and she noticed the extra stares that she got from onlookers as she walked to the cafe on the corner.

"Okay... here goes. Hopefully the pants will stay intact." she said.

She walked into the cafe and saw Lashay flirting with her lunch date. The lunch date that she wore these extremely tight pants for. She was less than stellar at this point and decided to watch Lashay humiliate herself.... again.

Lashay's pants were sown together, but it didn't even look like they should have made it this long. It was if the quick fix job was strictly for comedy relief.
"This shouldn't take long." said Carashae. And it didn't.
As Lashay sat down, her plump rear already exposed slightly by the sad sewing job, her pants totally exploded, leaving no room for a fix this time. And nothing could hide Lashay from embarassment. She had to walk 3 blocks to the nearest clothing store for new pants. During lunch time in Washington, no less. She had a chance of making the evening news with all that traffic.

Carashae glanced at Lashay as she ran out the door. Carashae couldn't stop herself from laughing - nor could anyone else - or staring as Lashay's bare brown bottom hurried up Connecticut Avenue.

As Carashae caught up with her lunch date, she forgot all about her soon-to-be-problem. They sat down at a table together.


Problem remembered.

"Oh....my....." are the only words that Carashae could say after she got up, turned around,and saw the reflection of her pants in the window. They had thoroughly parted - like the Red Sea - from the crotch to the waistband.

"nuts." she muttered, as she scurried out of the door. She didn't even get to drink her coffee. And, of course, Carashae wasn't even wearing a thong. As she walked to the same store that Lashay was headed to, people couldn't believe their eyes. Two splits? One day? Within 2 blocks of each other? Well, it was bound to happen, as the pants in the nation's capital got tighter, and the butts got rounder.

The two teenage boys-the ones from the train this morning - happened to be standing at the corner when Carashae - exposed rear and all - dashed by.

"That's even BETTER!" One of them shouted.

"Oh shut up!",Carashae shot back.

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