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Unlucky Gina
« Thread Started on Nov 7, 2007, 10:19pm »

I've found recently that my friend Gina is incapable of keeping a pair of trousers intact.
I mentioned her in another story, but there's much more to report now.
Firstly, a rough description- Gina is just over five foot tall, and has short dark blonde hair and glasses. Although she's short, she's very curvy, particularly her round bottom.
In rough chronological order:
Her grey jeans have a broken zip, which I wrote about a while ago. The zip comes down within minutes of being pulled up, every time. I first noticed this when she had white knickers on, and then again when we were cooking together and she had purple knickers on. That time, I mentioned it to her and saw her cute embarrassed face. She still wore them, and the next time had dark red knickers.
Then one time she told me that she was going to have to find a pair of trousers to wear the next day, as the ones she'd planned to wear had a hole in them.
I asked, casually, what had happened, and she said that she went to work in the university where she's a tutor. She got to her office, sat down at her desk, and- RRRIIPP!! Her black jeans split, and she had to spend the day with a jumper tied around her waist to hide her white knickers.
She also told me later that her one remaining pair of jeans, her blue pair, were too tight on her and the stitches were fraying, so she was afraid to wear them in case they ripped.
A bit later, she was supposed to meet my friend and I in a club, but never turned up. So, naturally, we started saying mean things about her. After suggesting she was putting on weight, I related the story of how she split her pants. My friend suggested that the reason she wasn't with us on that night is because she'd gotten dressed in her one remaining pair of jeans, and as she squeezed into them they split wide open.
After a few more drinks, we decided to wish nasty things on her and the guy who was supposed to meet us but also never turned up. For Gina, we decided she should be invited to give a lecture at another university, drop her notes, and as she bends to pick them up, split her trousers in front of hundreds of people.
Her blue jeans went a bit later, but in home. She got dressed, and as she was gathering her books to leave the house, she felt a bit of a draft, and realised the back seam was torn open. She blames her washing machine, but I don't believe that.
So far, not much has actually been seen though, which is why I never bothered posting this before. Why post now? Well, apart from the lack of activity on this board and feeling like posting something, yesterday was the culmination of months of hearing about her splitting her pants but never seeing it.
She's moved on from jeans, to a pair of dark blue combat trousers. Combat trousers, I was led to believe, are normally loose. Not on Gina. Because she's short but curvy, her trousers were skin-tight, stretched across her backside. From casual observation I could see the back seam fraying, and coming apart. And she wore them every day, tempting fate.
Until yesterday. Yesterday the two of us were in the student lounge, talking, and we needed to look something up in a book. So she got up and went to the bookshelf. She saw the book she wanted on the bottom shelf, bent to fetch it...
Her dark blue trousers burst apart, exposing her white knickers (aparently her usual choice). She jumped up, turning very red.
"My trousers!" she gasped. I pretended I hadn't heard her. I just wanted to hear her say it- "I've split my trousers!"
She decided at that point it would be a good idea to go home and change, as she had to teach a class that afternoon. She put on her coat and pulled it down, but it still only covered half the gaping rip as she hurried from the room.

Today, guess wht she was wearing? Her blue combats, sewn together- badly. So badly, when she bent I could see gaps between the stitches, and her black thong underneath. It's only a matter of time before her bad luck strikes again....

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