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My wife and I went to church one morning while on vacation staying with friends. She wore a black silk skirt which I had loosened the seam around the zipper and below it. The top of this suit was blue and black and also made of silk. which i had loosened all the buttons. When she sat down on the bed to put her shoes on. the seams I had lossened on the skirt simply disappeared. She was wearing red shiny panties under nude colored hose. Her matching red bra could be seen between the layers of fabric in the middle of her top due to the loose buttons. When she stood up yuo could see her entire rear and thighs as she walked. Not knowing, we went to church. We were running lat as usual and sat down toward the back of the church. By this time I was really getting into this especially seeing her get in and out of the car. Sitting and standing numerous times, her middle button gave way. It popped off and rolled away. Her red bra now truly visible until she grabbed her top. She was sitting at the end of the pew and decided to get up and go to the ladied room at the appropriate time. When she stood up everything was visible again and numerous people noticed. She never came back into the service and I saw her with her coat on when I exited. She said we had to leave because she had had ripped her skirt. Her face was bright red. When we got home, she had me inspect her skirt and asked me if you could see her underware. I said, "not really".

Unique ways to set up

I too have had to cool it lately. I was recently successful with one of my lovers skirts. Over a year a go I loosened the rear seam and it split wide open with out a sound. Her panty hose covered sheer briefs looked great when she bent over. Just recently she wore the repaired skirt (by yours truly) a couple of times and gained her confidence back in it again. It was tighter than it used to be since I had taken in a little more material. This time the seam had taken all it could and ripped out loudly in a meeting she had at work. From what she said, it happened when she went to sit down. When I came homw from work on Friday, I saw the ripped out skirt on the bed. Apparently she had to come home and change. She said she stayed for the meeting. I wished I could have been there. Once again, she had no idea what I had done.
Black Silk Velour Dress Pants

I was able to sabotage these pants twice. The first time when they were new. My wife had worn them for the first time. I cut the rear seam in numerous places. The rear seam split when she entered the car. The look on her face was priceless. She reached behind her and felt the ripped out seam. She got back out of the car and bent over slightly to show me what happened. She was wearing nude colored briefs with a embroidered flowered design through out them. They looked great though the ripped seam. She went back into the house with me following close behind(this was great). She took them off and sewed them up on her machine. The second time, I had taken allot of fabric in her machine (it is good knowledge to know how to use a sewing machine to sabotage your mates cloths). The excess fabric I removed with scissors. The night we went to dinner, she wore some very shiny Royal Blue spandex briefs which had a sewn seam up the back. We ate dinner and while she was getting in the car, her pants split. When I got in, she said "I think my pants split agan". I asked her how she knew. She said "I heard them". We had about a 20 minute ride to our home. My imagination ran wild. I took her long mink coat off and hung it up. I think for the moment, she forgot about what happened to her pants. She bent over to pick something up and her pants ripped a little more. Besides the rear seam splitting open, the fabric had ripped across her left buttock toward the side. It looked like an upside down "L". What a turn on! She took them off then and there and inspected them. She had no clue what I had done.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skirt sabotage <
Another aquaintance wore very tight skirts. She was a red head, very attractive, and somewhat slender. One day we had a date. I arrived earlier than she expected. She asked me if I knew how to iron. I did. She handed me her white skirt and I proceeded to iron it. I heard the shower and decided to have a little fun. I loosened the rear seam from the bottom of the zipper to almost the rear slit. She took it from and put it on. She walked back and forth from her bedroom numerous times. Each time the seperation of the seam became more noticable. Being the gentleman, I helped her into my Blazer. When she stepped up, the entire seam split. She was wearing a white half slip which you could she her panty hose through. She did not notice what just happened to her skirt. We went to dinner nad I watched her get out. The skirt bunched up behind her and to gap in the seam was wide open. As we walked to the door, I stayed a little behing her and could she through the gap. The slip hugged her figure closely. There was space between the inside of her skirt and the slip where you could see all the way to the cement side walk. It was a sunny day and you could see her hose and legs through the slip. The rest of the date was much the same. She never knew she had a problem until she took it off.
Girlfriends Peach dress pants
She was a student teacher at the time. I had loosened the entire back seam to the point that it would barely stay closed. She dressed and came into the family room where I was watching TV. There was a cabinet near the floor next to the TV she had to get into. She crouched down putting maximum stress on the seam of her pants.They split open right in front of me without a sound. There was a wide gap and her rear could be seen through her nylon white panties. She told me later that day she did not notice a problem until after third period. Wish I could have been there!

Sabotage Is What You Make It! <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html> <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html>blue66snake <http://profiles.yahoo.com/blue66snake> 9/25/01 4:07 pm

A trip to 'Our' vacation spot - Virginia Beach - is always presenting the possibility for a little 'accidental' nudity of my sexy wife . And last summer was no exception . You'll remember from my "Dress Slacks" story that I urged you to capitalize on your lover's habits ? Well , here is another way I capitalized on Nita's! You see , each summer , she likes to buy new swimsuits ; and of course , supporting and loving husband that I am (heh-heh-heh!!) , I always 'help' her pick them out! Well , she picked out a stunning little white two-piece 'triangle' top and bottom , just on the edge of daring . When she tried it on in the store , then opened the door so I could see , of course she looked fabulous . Just not quite fabulous enough , to MY way of thinking!!! So , I told her it was great , and she changed back into her street clothes , and continued shopping . One of MY habits (and this can be quite USEFUL , guys!) is to carry everything ; so while Nita kept looking around , I excused myself to 'look for teeshirts'(fat chance!) , and quickly exchanged the new bikini she had picked out for one exactly like it - in size SMALL!!!!!! Needless to say , the next day when she tried it on , a lot more of her protruded from the skimpy material than she remembered , but I assured her no , it was probably just her imagination , and that she looked FINE! God! If she only KNEW!! Her breasts stuck out from below , left , and right of the tiny triangles - only strategically covering her nipples and areolas ; and about an inch of her buttcrack rose above the waistline of the small bottom , and bared a LOT more of her lower cheeks before receeding into her hips like a thong!!!! Best of all - she failed to notice (no MAN ever would!!) that a small line of her pubic thatch was visible to either side of the tiny white wedge in front!! She self-consciously tugged , examined , quizzed me , and scrutinized ; and it took great reassurance from me before she finally relented to go down to the beach . Just the walk down there made another inch and a half of crack show , and even more of her pubic hair from the sides! And as more of the material rode up , and entered the crease between her hips , just about HALF of each cheek now lay bare!! Eyes were literally POPPING as she passed ! She , however , was too concerned about wrestling with her top , and trying to keep IT centered than to take notice of her 'shrinking' bottoms! All went well , and then , dream of dreams - a group near us (no doubt taken by Nita's looks and electrifying bikini!) asked us to fill out a game of volleyball!! Nita didn't want to , but we all begged her enough until she gave in to our pressure . She was enjoying herself too ; so much so that she forgot her top was rather miniscule! And before long , first one nipple , and then another was peeking out at the crowd! Not in their entirety , but just enough to tease and entice . I was wondering just how long she would remain blissfully unaware of the show she was putting on when it happened - the ball was hit to her , she jumped really hard to send it back , and BOING! Her top let go , and both her boobs sprang out into view!! Embarassed beyond words , she stuffed them back into the small triangles only after great difficulty , and could not be persuaded to play further despite all our efforts . But no matter - as far as I was concerned - this was a game I had already won when we went to the beach!!
The dress slacks...... <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html> <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html>blue66snake <http://profiles.yahoo.com/blue66snake> 9/22/01 7:00 pm

Sometimes , you have to pay attention to your lover's habits and mannerisms , and this can be perhaps used to your advantage! For example - my wife likes to sit with her legs spread open . Well , with a little imagination on my part (not to mention SABOTAGE!!) , I knew I could turn this against her . We were supposed to meet my boss and his wife for dinner at a fancy restaurant , and (knowing the place) would be sitting close by one another's sides at the small , intimate table . A quick inpspection and experiment confirmed for me that the slacks she intended to wear were what I call "DREAM" pants : a small opening cut in the seam would spread , with her every little movement , easily and utterly SILENTLY!!!! Some seams are like that - they part like butter! And it would be even MORE successful , because the slacks are tight on her! I broke the stitching in two places , on either side of the four-way intersection between her legs , and put them back in the closet . We often play little games , where I ask her to wear a certain something , or do a certain other , and - within reason - she will comply . The night of the dinner , I asked her to give me something to think about - and wear a new pair of white crotchless panties ! She agreed , and I almost SHIVERED with anticipation! When we got to the restaurant and took our seats (my wife next to my boss) , I saw that , already , there was a nice pair of inch-long holes revealing her brown inner thighs ! As the night progressed , a trip to the ladies room (during which , to my relief - she did NOT discover the damage!) , and squirming in her seat and crossing/uncrossing her legs soon did the trick : a nice , six or seven inch hole gaped open dead center over her mound - pussy shining thru for all to see!!! By the time the boss saw it , I thought I would cum in my pants - but judging from the way his eyes bugged , I'm sure HE did!!!!
The Italian Restaurant <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html> <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html>blue66snake <http://profiles.yahoo.com/blue66snake> 9/9/01 9:41 am

Sometimes , I grow tired of the 'routine' , and end up taking BIG risks , just to break up the monotony. Taking my queen to dinner one night in a fancy Italian restaurant was just such an event. I had talked her into wearing a really beautiful red velvet floor-length dress with spaghetti straps and a high slit up one leg. She balked at first , it being a little lowcut , and too revealing (she felt) of her leg , so I really had to do some persuading . I convinced her that a bra would really do her no good - and to be truthful , the dress wasn't intended to be worn with one , so she didn't . I had carefully weakened the thin spaghetti straps in advance ,hoping to bare her breasts to the dinner patrons . My wife is a gorgeous, dark-skinned black woman ; 36C-24-38, with long straight hair , tall , curvy , with legs to drool over . She was self-conscious thru dinner (ESPECIALLY when the waiter kept glancing at her bare leg exposed by the draping-open legslit!) ; and tugged the dress closed several times . The waiter could also see down her top when she bent to fix the dress , but I didn't share THAT with her!! And thus , he got an eyeful of her succulent jet-black nipples!!! Came the inevitable trip to the ladies room for her , and the point of my plan : I expertly had managed to wedge my shoeheel onto the hem of the dress , which lay pooled on the floor , and had intended that - as she rose - the hem would tug between her efforts to get up , and my firm heel ; and break her dress straps and allow her boobs to come into view as her dress fluttered to the ground! It didn't work out that way . The straps , though thin , proved more durable than I hoped . They held . True , the dress , being SOMEWHAT elastic , pulled down a bit (one nipple briefly escaped) before snapping back . What snapped the dress back was : the release of her leg slit , as it ripped upward like a ROCKET!!!! It tore past her waistline before stopping - revealing her hip , panties , etc. She was DEVASTATED; and I feigned surprise and anguish convincingly enough ( I WAS surprised at this unintended result!) . And we made a hasty escape , she embarassed , and clutching the ripped dress closed and me , turned on like HELL!!!
Successful exposure <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html> <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html>seepytea <http://profiles.yahoo.com/seepytea> 8/17/01 9:54 pm

Luckily, my girl respects my judgement and nearly always follows my suggestions of what she should wear on a night out. likes to please me. bless her. has no clue that I doctor her clothing though. I reckon I get away with it about twice a year. My mate is in on it. helps to have an accomplise - less suspicion. We went to play pool at the local pub. she doesn't mind wearing a low cut top cos she know it turns me on when she's leaning over. she's got 38E boobs - amazing! So - vest top with spaghetti thin straps. I'd sabotaged them at the back, one thread remaining on each. As she was leaning over to take a shot, my mate slid his pool cue under the straps - a deliberate "joke" to put her off her shot. She jerked away - laughing in a "how dare you" manner. It worked perfectly. The straps broke, the top fell to a band of material around her waist. Dark nipples on view through a sheer lilac bra. My mate apologised profusely theough his laughter. she laughed too as she hitched her top up and held against her body - trying to make light of it - but she wasn't laughing anything like as much as all the guys in the bar! Any suggestions what she should suffer next?
swimsuit sabotage <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html> <http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/mboards.html>edcindy1 <http://profiles.yahoo.com/edcindy1> 8/29/01 4:25 am

This is not as extreme as some of the stories I see posted, but it is completely true, to the best of my recollection, without exaggeration My favorite clothing sabotage was of my girlfriend’s swimsuit. I had bought her a white one-piece swimsuit with a round logo on the front. If I remember correctly, she had worn it once or twice before I did anything to it. The suit had a flesh colored liner that was kind of a thick-ish cotton material. I soaked the liner in bleach and rubbed it vigorously to thin it out as much as possible in the front. Then I removed the liner from the back altogether. I then put it in the dryer and baked it to shrink the suit as much as possible. Remarkably, when we went to a motel with a pool shortly thereafter, she did not notice anything different about the suit, other than that it seemed tighter. As soon as it got wet, it was completely transparent in the back, even more so than I expected. It might as well have been made of saran wrap. Unfortunately (for me), because there was no lining in back, the water ran out of the suit very quickly, and it became only somewhat see-through in about 5 seconds. So naturally I kept inventing reasons for her to walk up the stairs out of the water repeatedly. She soon picked up on the fact that I (and several other gentlemen in the poolroom) were playing close attention to her activities. She correctly assumed we were looking at her ass, but was unaware at first that we were ACTUALLY looking RIGHT AT her BARE (for all practical purposes) ass! The truly unexpected bonus was the front of the suit. Even after all my efforts, the dry suit seemed to be to be relatively unchanged, but when it got wet, it was indeed easy to make out both her nipples and her pubic hair. Better yet, the lining in the front held the moisture so that this effect lasted for several minutes. The best part came when I told her (in the pool) what I had done. She was naturally very embarrassed, but also turned on. She ducked her breasts beneath the water, but couldn't resist repeatedly coming up to see the effect. "Oh my God! Oh my God" she kept saying. She had no way of seeing the back, but I made clear to her the effect of the water. Soon, she could stand it no more and wanted to go back to our room. But first she had to walk up the stairs of the pool, exposing her ass to all the men in and around the pool, who by this time had given up pretending not to watch (there was mostly a midweek business crowd in the poolroom). Then she had to turn around and walk halfway down the length of the pool to get her towel, past several men in and out of the pool. She had already done this several times, but this time she knew how naked she was, and because of her reaction when she found out, they knew she knew. Her walk this time was different, as she was clearly a little embarrassed, though her nipples were noticeably erect. She did not try to cover up as she walked, as somehow this would have been more embarrassing, but did quickly wrap herself in the towel once she finally reached it. Now I have to admit that she wore this suit on many subsequent occasions, as she is an exhibitionist at heart. The beauty of this suit is that it appears totally innocent, since it is a one piece with a conservative cut, and the logo on the front makes it work better than if it was just white. The exposure always seems very accidental. But the first time it was, and she was truly embarrassed, because even an exhibitionist feels naked when they don’t plan (and can’t control) the exposure. --Ed
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One night I was hanging out in a pub with a couple of lovely girls I new. Somehow the topic moved to embarrassing incidents. They told these as humerous anecdotes, I'm sure, but I'll always remember them as a bit more than that. Let me descibe the first girl, "Anita". She's about 5'6", dark wavy hair, olive complextion, a nearly perfect set of breasts (36c), generous hips, a full, round ass, and nicely shaped legs from when she was a gymnist. When puberty first hit her (and BOY did it hit her!), she was extremly shy about her body. She's learned to loosen up about it a little, or I would have never heard this story. One summer she was working in an office, filing documents and such. On this particular day, she was wearing a slieveless sweater-the kind that comes to just above the navel and sows off a tasty bit of midrif-and a long, wrap-around skirt. Anita ALWAYS wore underwear. her breasts were too big to go without a bra in public, and she still had enough modesty to always wear panties, although I've noticed she does have a few pairs that are a little more risque than others. This skirt fastened with two buttons on her hip. Through the course of the day, she noticed one of the buttons had popped off. She didn't make much of it, and tucked the extra material into the waist band of her panties. After work, she had to stop at a local drup store to pick up some things. She had been in the store for about 15 minutes, and was standing in one of the aisles reading the back of some product, when she nocticed a draft on her ass. Anita looked down- the only thing she was wearing below her waist was a pair of white panties. She looked around and saw her skirt laying in a pile about 10' away. She quickly ran over and pulled the useless piece of cloth around herself. No one seemed to have seen her. She ran out of the store clutching the skirt to her body. Not to be outdone, the second girl,"Jennifer", opened up with her story. I call her "Jennifer" becuase she looked very similar to Jennifer Anniston from Friends, only less cute and more sultry. B cup breasts, and a very cute tush. Anyhow, she told us about one night when she went out clubbing. She was wearing, as she described it, a flimsy black cocktail dress, not much more than a slip, that came to about mid-thigh. Plus a pair of black thong panties and shoes. So after a long night of dancing, drinking, and even flirting with a group of sailors, she went back to her parents house. She propped open the storm door with her butt, and she unlocked the front door. The storm door seemed REALLY cold to her, but she dismissed and went inside. Her grandmother was up- she took one look at Jennifer and screamed "Oh my God! What happened to your dress?!" Jennifer loked behind her and saw that her dress had ripped straight up the back, almost to the waist. And becuase of the black thong panties, it looked like she wasn't wearing a thing under the dress. Her whole bare ass was hanging out of the dress. They both told these stories like they were just humerous anecdotes, but it certainly was hard not to get turned on, no pun intended. I had to resist the urge to ask for more intimate details of their embarrassing experinces. gao
Your story reminds me one that Mariela, my gf, told me once.
She was teaching in a secundary technical school (just boys, about 14). One day she was wearing a tight and low-cut pair of black pants, a nice white top, and a white thong.
She was in the middle of the class when she noticed that the boys were whispering, some of them laughing quietly and also were focused on her.
Although she was worried about it, she thought it was just a joke. She finished her class, and when she got into the teacher's room, one of her collegues asked her what was wrong with her pants?.
Why?, she answered...
Because you're showing your panties to everyone...
When she put her hand in her butt and felt the softness of her bare skin plus the silk of the panties, her face went red and almost started to cry...
Her collegues began to laugh, and told her to relax, that it was just an accident.
She told me that the fact to know that her student had seen her underwear (a thong!..., at school!) was a torture to her..., and the worst was to act in front of them as if nothing ever happened.
I always respect her stories, because I found them very estmulating, and most because my gf has the starring role...
It's not the only one, but it's a funny one...


about 12 years ago I lived with my best freind and his egocentric
wife.She was about 5'2",slim build with a nice set of legs and a well
rounded butt.She always used these to her full advantage in her hair
dressing job.Unfortunatly her personality was less than nice to say
the least.So one evening at her house after she had just given me the
worst (professional)haircut of my life ,I vowed to serve her some
humble pie. It was my turn to do laundry so I collected a bunch of
her clothes without suspicion.I took a pair of her hair scissors to
the laundryroom and started snipping the seams on some of her
tightest mini skirts.I returned them after my freind and his wife had
gone to bed.I slept on the couch so when she was getting ready for
work I could admire the job I did.Sure enough I saw her leave in a
cream coloured cotton mini with dark hose on underneath.The hose
could be seen through the weakend rear of her skirt.I hoped it would
not give way untill she was at work.I made an excuse to take the bus
down town with her.I watched as a few seams popped as she stepped
aboard the bus and heard afew more go as she sat down.A more modest
women would have checked this out ,but not her(thank god!)I pretended
to have a job inter view at a cafe nearby so I could keep a eye on
her .Already people were noticing the little inch long slit on her
rear,but she was too busy teasing tips out of her clients to pay any
attention to them.Then just before lunch she gets this uncooperative
little boy in her chair,he is continually sqirmming around in the
seat and throwing things on the floor.I could'nt belive my luck now
she had to kneal down to pick up the mess.I watch in a trance as with
a loud tearing sound her tight skirt splits from the waistband to the
walking slit. It takes a while for this to sink in to her.In the
meantime we all enjoyed a nice view of her bare ass through the dark
hose.Finally, she comes to her senses turns bright red and runs into
the bathroom.Belive it or not she never suspected me,I even helped
her get another skirt from a nearby store,and guess what?After this
she was little miss personality to eneryone.

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