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too tight trousers Empty too tight trousers

on Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:34 am
Well, quite a few years back I had another girlfriend, who  was very
beautiful (I´m not showing off or anything). She had a very slim  figure
but with tremendiously well formed buttocks. Her behind wasn´t fat or
out of proportion, it was just right. It didn´t really matter what she
had on  she always looked good, I thought. One afternoon we were waiting
at the bus  terminal, intending to go to my place. She had this pair of
very tight black  satin trousers on (I very much liked the way she
looked in them, they suited  her best). Anyway it was winter & snow was
lying around. We decided to have a  short walk around the small park
behind the bus stop. I don´t know who  started to throw snow but very
shortly we were engaged in a snowball fight.  We couldn´t stop laughing.
Without us noticing  the bus had come round the  corner & we really had
to hurry. She tried to be there first & was several  meters infront of
me when she obviously decided to stop me by throwing  another snowball
at me, so she turned around & bent down to gather up some  snow. While
she was bending down however I was thinking to myself "those  trousers
are tight" & sure enough - the material on her cheeks got sheerer and sheerer while the sides of her pants creased and then suddenly "rrrrriiiiiipppppp"- I had full view of how as she bent down the
back seam of her tight satin trousers split right up to the waist. A
spotless  pair of silken shiny white panties were immediatly exposed,
much to her  embarrassment. She had heard there was something wrong &
was feeling her  behind to see if her trousers had actually split. She
realized quickly though  that her trousers had not only ripped a little
but that the whole seam had  burst open from top to bottom when her
fingers felt the softness of her  panties where the seam of her trousers
should have been. I had caught up on  her in the meantime & she turned
her bright red or should I say scarlet face  towards me. She tried a
sheepish grin. "Oh God" she almost whispered, fearing  that someone
might overhear us (noone else had seen the accidental  overexposure),
"my trousers have burst all the way up the back, everyone can  see my
panties!" " I know" I said, "I saw how the seam burst." The biggest
problem was to come: the bus was waiting. She was holding both hands
infront  of her behind trying to cover up her split seam. I think at
that moment when  I saw her trousers burst my heart almost stopped
beating. When we got back  home (I had to lend her my jacket because she
only had a short one on, so  that nobody could admire her very obvious,
in comparison with the black  trousers & very nice white & exciting silk
panties) I thought I must have  died without noticing & gone to heaven.
That was a perfect day. When we got back to my place (I was freezing)
she exposed herself again &  started twisting around infront of the
mirror to see the damage. That was  quite a sight. Anyway she got
herself sewed up after we had had some fun  together, I couldn´t hold
myself (sorry, didn´t want to be crude). Later that  afternoon we
decided to go to the shops because I had yet again forgotten to  buy
some food. We were standing infront of the rice rack when she spotted
some exotic type down below. I wasn´t paying attention as I was hoping
she  would bend down again, but to be quite honest I didn´t really
believe I would  be so lucky & certainly not in one day (you know it´s
not one of these things  you experience very often). She bent down to
pick up a pack of rice, but  nothing happened. Eventhough my heart
leaped up to my adam´s apple in sheer  expectation. We decided on making
a really nice meal, so we spent quite a  long time in the shop buying
things & comparing prices & so on. To be quite  honest I didn´t think
any more about seam busting as I was sure nothing would  happen. Then on
our way to the deep freeze department her bag slipped off her  shoulder
& fell to the ground. It was then as she bent I distinctly heard a
fierce ripping sound - "rrrriippppppppp !" - Then again her face seemed to light up in a bright
red  colour. I didn´t exactly see the splitting  when she bent down but
I saw what  damage had been done as she got up in a dash, bolt upright.
Her trouser seam  had burst all the way from the bottom of the front zip
right up the back to  the waist band. The rip was clearly visible,
showing yet again those white  silk panties. I had to borrow her my
jacket again & so we got back to my  place with no further coincedence.
That certainly was a day to be remembered.
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