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Make a Wish
« Thread started on: Dec 26th, 2004, 5:31pm »

“I don’t believer this” Jennie thought, as she drove her Honda Civic through the now suddenly green light. “So far today, everything I wish comes true”. Rain had become sun. Her car started right up. There was no traffic. And now the light. “This could be some pregnant dogin day” she mused.
“Out of my way, loser!” Jessica sneered at Jennie, as she pushed past her on the way to a meeting. Jessica was always in a hurry, acting important.
“pregnant dog” Jennie muttered. She glared at Jessica as she strutted away, her sexy bikini-model backside violently jiggling and straining against the dainty single seam of her skintight, low riding grey pinstripe pants. There was not even a hint of a panty line.
Jennie smiled to herself.
“I wish she would split those pants wide open” Jennie said out loud—just as two other girls came into her line of vision.
“Hi, Jennie!!” Carla said cheerfully, happily passing by in her alarmingly tight, brand new “stretch” black dress pants and a clinging blue blouse that was unbuttoned at the bottom to reveal her cute navel and slightly chubby waistline.
“Hey, Jen!” Katie called out, bounding by in her painted on hip hugging brown pants, her plump round rear already causing the seam to pull apart a bit.
“What have I done?” Jennie thought. “What if my two best friends…”
Carla had just sat down at the conference table. Her stretch pants didn’t stretch. They split from crotch to waist. She felt her fact burn red. She reached back and down and felt lots of soft bare skin bulging out from a gaping split.
“Are you OK?” Jennie asked guiltily.
“Oooh. I totally split my pants. Carla whispered, almost in tears. “They are supposed to stretch, so I got them like, super tight, and I didn’t want a panty line, so I didn’t wear….”
Katie had dropped the agendas she was handing out and squatted to pick them up. The entire seat of her brown pants had burst open to reveal her white panties with little blue flowers. “f**king nuts!!” she muttered to herself backing away clumsily.
“Oh this is f**king great!” Jessica sblack personed. “Feeling a draft there, Chubby, I mean Carla?” she said loudly, as Carla was trying to sneak out of the room.
“Looks like you’d better split…wait, your fat ass already did, right out of your little pants!!”
Jennie glared at Jessica. “I wish Jessica would get what she deserves” she thought out loud.
Jessica confidently took center stage. Funny, her pants suddenly felt terribly tight. Her black shirt was smaller too. She looked down and saw that her pretty slit of a navel and firm belly were now in open view. The video conference cameras were all on her. Jessica turned slightly and two buttons popped away from her shirt, freeing her firm, perky breasts. “nuts” she muttered. She turned around and bent slowly and carefully to retrieve them.
The single seam slowly split apart, all the way up Jessica’s splendid backside, giving the live and video audience a slow motion, clear view of her tiny whisp of a green and gold thong and milky smooth, white ass. Jessica lost her balance and fell foreward, getting stuck in some visual aids display. She struggled and squirmed, only splitting her pants open wider, then SNAP!
Jessica’s low riding waistband burst from the strain and her pants fluttered apart and down.
“Please Please help me!!” she pleaded. She spotted Carla, who had returned with her blazer wrapped around her waist, safely covering her split.
“Don’t just stand there, you fat, stupid pregnant dog, help me!” Jessica cried out. “Can’t you see I’m in just my thong?”
“Not any more” Carla said. She calmly walked over, picking up a scissor on the way.
Carla deftly cut Jessica’s thong at her squirming hip and snatched it away.
“Is that better?” Carla asked sweetly.
“Guess we can’t call you “Blondie”, anymore, can we “Jess”, Jennie said, walking away with her friend.
“Best day ever!” Katie said.

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