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Polly blinked in surprise. “Me?” she asked, confused.
“Well, why not you?” Miss Sparrow replied, smiling. “You’re one of the best pupils in the class, and I think you’d be a great example for the new kids joining.”
“I don’t exactly look like a model...” Polly added.
“We don’t need a model, we just need someone who looks like an average student.” Miss Sparrow smiled, “Just come along to the open day, we’ll give you one of the new school uniforms to model, and you show the new pupils what they could look like.”
“Okay, I’ll do it.” Polly smiled.

“She’s doing what?” Katie said to her friends at breaktime.
“She’s going to be modelling the new school uniform at the open day.” Suzie replied.
“But... that was supposed to be me!” Katie pouted, flicking her blonde hair.
“I thought you didn’t want to do it?” Michelle asked, puzzled.
“That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t want me to do it! God!”
“So, what are you going to do about it?”
“I think I have an idea that will make Miss Polly regret agreeing to do this...”

That Friday found Katie and Michelle staying late in school. Neither of them were strangers to detention, which helped them to avoid suspicion as they hung around and waited for the corridors to empty, before making their way to the school hall. When they got there, they found tables set out with leaflets about the school, the food, the residential trips, as well as racks of school uniforms. Next to these was a raised platform, and hanging alone at the end of it was a uniform that looked Polly’s size. Katie took this from the hanger and laid it out on the platform.
“Wait by the door,” Katie instructed her friend, “and let me know what you see.” She took out a small parcel from her pocket, and bent over the uniform.
“I see you’re wearing red lace panties.” Michelle giggled.

Polly arrived bright and early Saturday morning, she went straight to the hall and met Miss Sparrow, who handed her the uniform.
“Right, this is the new uniform all the girls will be wearing from next year, you can slip into the back room there and change into it, then we’ll have people arriving in about half an hour.”
Polly took the clothes and was hurried out of the hall and into the back room where the actors in the school play usually changed. She looked it over- the blouse was white, with a dark blue trim around the collar and cuffs. The blazer was similar to her old one, but the school logo was a bit sharper and brighter colours, and there was both a black skirt with the school logo on a side pocket, and a pair of black trousers with a similar pocket. Polly dropped her jeans, and stepped into the skirt, then pulled the zip up.
Turning to the full-length mirror in the corner, Polly saw that the zip had opened up, every tooth disconnecting, leaving a large oval gap in the back of the skirt. Blushing despite there being no-one there, she slipped the skirt off and left it on a chair, and put on the trousers instead.
As she dressed, Polly had the distinct feeling that something was not right. Miss Sparrow had asked Polly’s size, and she had been conservative in her estimates, but this uniform definitely felt too small. Even the blazer clung in ways she would rather it did not. Polly quickly finished getting dressed, then slipped to the door. There was no sign of Miss Sparrow in the hall, but it was filling up with parents and prospective new students. Polly gulped, realising she was about to be on display to a lot of people, and she felt considerably more uncomfortable.
“Oh, good, you’re ready.” Polly jumped at the voice right next to her.
“Yes, Miss, but the uniform...”
“It is a little different, isn’t it? But I think it’s quite fetching. Although I do wish you’d been honest about the size you take... oh well, too late now. We’re about to start.” And with that, she strode off to the edge of the platform to address the crowd. “Thank you for coming, everyone. We’ve got one of our pupils here to show you what your girls could look like if they come to join us at the school, come on over, Polly.”
Smiling, Polly walked across the platform and stood in front of the crowd, some of whom were taking out phones to photograph the uniform.
“You can see the uniform includes a school blouse, it’s fully machine-washable, even the blazer, and can be tumble-dried.” Next to Polly on the platform was a child-size blackboard and chalks, with some very simple maths problems written on it. She decided to have some fun and act out a bit, so Polly grabbed a piece of chalk, “It’s designed to be very hard-wearing...”
Miss Sparrow turned towards Polly, to see her half bent-over in front of the blackboard, her backside towards the crowd. The uniform trousers had split up the back seam, revealing a large portion of Polly’s light pink knickers, decorated with ice cream cones.
“Oh, no.” Polly groaned, still bent-over.
“Ahem. Unless, of course, your daughter likes ice cream a bit too much.” Miss Sparrow recovered her train of thought.
Polly turned red in the face, and finally remembered to turn her bum away from the audience, straightening up. Her hands went behind her, feeling the size of the split.
One of the shoulder seams on the blazer gave way, and Polly looked to the side to see that sleeve slide down her arm.
“Er... that doesn’t usually happen.” Miss Sparrow quickly added, “Must just be a faulty blazer, but usually they’re all quality-tested.”
Blushing furiously, Polly stepped backwards away from the crowd. Unfortunately she had forgotten there was a blackboard right behind her, she tripped over this and fell to the floor in a cloud of chalk-dust. She quickly tried to ease herself back upright, which required her to turn her backside towards the crowd again, and she cringed as she heard and felt the rip tearing more, racing down her leg.
“Don’t worry about this uniform,” Miss Sparrow was telling the parents, “it must have just been faulty, we’ll get Polly a new one and show you again...”
Polly got to her feet, and flung her hands over her exposed backside.
The buttons flew from the blouse, disappearing into the sea of faces, which seemed to be gathering more people by the second. Polly looked down in horror at her white lacy push-up bra which was suddenly revealed.
Squealing with embarrassment, Polly crossed her arms over her chest.
The rear seam of the blazer split, and Polly felt the garment start to slide off her. Trying to stop it, she was unable to stop her trousers giving up and dropping to the floor, although she wished she had as they tangled around her feet and prevented her from leaving quickly.
Letting the blazer go, Polly bent over and tried to pull the trousers back up.
At the horrifying sound of elastic breaking which came from her knickers, Polly gave up on the trousers. Holding her panties up with both hands, she stepped out of the fallen trousers and dashed backstage.

Katie, who had been watching the entire show, made her way to Miss Sparrow and quickly volunteered to be a replacement model. Michelle joined her backstage, as Polly slipped off quickly.
“Ha, ha! That was hilarious!” Katie laughed, she had stripped down to her underwear- a light blue bra with white lace, and a pair of blue knickers with Disney’s Cinderella on them.
“Yeah, she was utterly humiliated!” Michelle agreed.
“Now I’d better get out there and show them how it’s done.” Katie added, hurrying into the uniform, and making her way to the hall.
Michelle hung back, she had noticed the tattered uniform remains that Polly had left behind, and something did not look right about them.
“Hold on...” she muttered to herself, “This isn’t the uniform Katie sabotaged!” smiling, Michelle realised something. “That means Polly burst out of it all by herself!”
But her smile dropped as she realised something else. If this wasn’t the sabotaged outfit, then the one Katie was wearing was...
“Katie!” Michelle cried, dashing to the hall.
Too late.
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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:19 pm
I always love your stories. Especially the reveal (no pun intended) at the end.
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